It's getting worse with everyday passing... Like Friday there were some minor problems (for us). Rarley ported Tridolons even with enough charged Lures or my Frame decided to holster his primary (Vectis) for no reason and refused to reload. Yesterday we decided to stop with's just not fun anymore. Harry did port 7 times in one fight and we had all the charged Lures tied to Trinity which didnt move more than 10 meters away from him. Next not only my Frame decided to holster his Primary, my clan and suqdmates have the same problem...after about 2-3 shots...we have to switch to secondary and back or use Transference. Unnecessary time consuming. Another run we had to search for 9 MInutes for Vomvalysts to spawn. Armor stripping only counts for the host (we tried this around 20 times through several nights). Host (Chroma) gets red health bar and does a huge amount of dmg (50-100k without Madurai) and clients with the same loadout right next to him (so they do have Vex Armor buffs) do only 3-5k. With 4x corrosive all doing the same dmg. This can't just be us or is it?