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Endless Defense Drop Tables


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I assumed this would change over time as it originally did after the void was introduced, but since nothing has happened yet I would like to bring this to DE's attention.



Endless defense is arguably the best place to find void keys.  After the new mission types were added, the space previously occupied by t3 raid and exterminate in tier 3 defense missions was split between all 5.  T2 raid and exterminate, however, remained untouched.  The only place to find a t2 key is in a tier 2 defense on wave 5, or a tier 1 defense (if those even still exist with the level bump) on wave 10.  This makes tier 2 void keys for capture, defense, and mobile defense exceedingly rare, flooded out by the other keys.



Please split the drop table space occupied by tier 2 raid and exterminate keys on tier 3 defense (all factions) between all 5 key types.  It had been long enough since their release.



Also, consider changing the rare fusion core from 5 to 10.  It would make it a much more enticing reward to stop at, as it so often gets skipped currently.

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