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What works:

1) acts as a gold sink

2) gets rid of useless duplicates

3) RNG trolls you some more.


What doesn't work:





So lets make this... slightly useful for players. and.. at least a little more interesting. So here are 3 ideas as to how transmute could be implemented.


a) make it accumulate when it gives you stuff you dont want. After a transmute you can accept or reject the resulting mod into a pool. The higher the value of cards in the pool, the better quality the resulting cards are.


b) let players set a goal.  (e.g. I set mine to diamond skin) every transmute increases the bar by %. When the bar is filled, I get the mod.


c) instead of dropping 1 mod. It gives you more choices. After 3 transmutes, it opens up a second slot to choose from. Now every subsequent transmute will show 2 mods instead of 1. Picking either mod will reset the slots to 1 (you will have to do another 3 transmutes to open the second slot again). 9 transmutes after the second slot opens a third slot opens. etc. Every 3 slots (past the original first) that are opened, also lets you lock OUT a specific class of mods. e.g. warframe, rifle, sentinel, pistol, etc. (remember opening the first 2 slots alone requires 12x transmutes. thats 48 mods + 144k credits. the third slot alone would require 3x that. and all the slots close once you pick a mod)

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How about a Salvage system that produces Fusion Cores instead?




Doesn't have to be exclusively Salvage - I can see that some players would like to get a specific Rare mod out of Transmute, so your thoughts could be utilized for the core Transmute function.  Whatever the case, Transmute is pretty useless right now.

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