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New Message System/quick Modding.


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A new message system would be great, meaning that we don't have to open up our chat, and get our Whispers spammed away from us.


Implement a new message system, that's totally different from the current one, the new message system should have an option to :


Send Offline Messages.

View Recent Messages.

Save Messages.

Delete Messages.

REPORT messages.

Sent Messages.

Receive messages.


Because the current message system, isn't good, since if you reply to a friend using /R instead of /r, the chat bugs out, and you need to relog, or wait until your game is finished.


Advantages :


Faster Navigation.

Easier to check messages.

More, "Neat".

No more /R bug.


Quick Modding :


It's really annoying, when your playing as Nova, and you need to switch to Frost, then re-mod all your current mods from Nova to Frost.


Why not add an option near the Modding Section, that allows you to Select a Mod load-out that you prefer and save it, so if you need to re-mod your Warframe quickly, just click the button, and your Warframe automatically becomes modded with your selected Mod.


Advantages :

Faster modding for your warframe.

Being able to switch mods quickly.

Not having to wait hours for that ONE guy who takes forever to mod his frame.

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