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Cetus Gate is floating in the sky [Investigating]


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As title says, I walked out of the gates onto the plains expecting to feel the familiar grass beneath my feet, but instead plummeted downwards into magnetic water. The model for the entire gate room was flying in the sky, and when I went to extract, I needed to hop in my archwing to get up to the gate again. This was during a teralyst bounty. 

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While doing Teralyst runs at a point tonight, we loaded up into a very strange POE.  We had enemies underwater, still shooting and fighting, a Teralyst that was flying about 10ft off the ground, camps spawning several hundred meters away from their actual spawn location, randomly flying enemies and lures, but what was most strange, is every so often while jumping, you'd hit these large pockets of area where your frame and everything would vanish, and instead you'd be 'in camera' a lot like Captura.  The screen would than turn blue, like you were being affected by a magnetic pocket or standing in water, and the energy draining effects of such also would occur.  This happened on two separate load ins, and on one it literally met us several meters from the gate.  We obviously had to extract, and I was still able to do two (Albeit VERY gltichy) Teralyst fights with only the issues that are being reported elsewhere on the forums.

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After jumping into a bounty just now, I was dropped out of the sky into the exact center of the Plains map. I don't believe I was the host. At first, I thought the gate was floating, but it was actually the terrain map I was on that was lowered.

If I stood still long enough, the game would teleport me back to the spawn point, directly in front of the gate, so I could fall again. It's likely I was below the "lost player" marker, and the game thought I fell out of the map.

All my squadmates were over a hundred meters over my head, running through bounties, while I was down below, seeing floating item containers and floating Grineer. Some of their high-flying bounties took them far off the edge of the map past the barrier.


In a few high places, like mountains, I received a magnetic proc, as if being in water. I think the map was off-set. I was standing in one of the lakes -- or at least the "trigger entity" for them.


This is also shown in the map overlay in the same spot as the mag proc. You can see the location titles are moved.


If I shot any enemies or containers, the spoils would fall a hundred meters to the ground.



I headed back to the real entrance to see that the Cetus gate was gone, and a void was left behind. Stepping into it would have me fall out of the map, and respawn back at the floating gate.




Eventually the bounties were done, and my teammates headed back to the floating gate. Some ghouls spawned, and I thought I could hop-scotch my way back to the entrance on them.


The platforming failed, and I was brought back to the gate finally when the timer was up. There was a host migration at that exact moment, and I was left with two other players in the gate while one of the bounties was back to being unfinished. The gate was still up in the air, and I could look out.

This whole time, it was impossible to summon a set of wings for myself as every set immediately disappeared. But once I was back in the gate, I could. Probably because I was above the real map finally. No more screenshots, but once I flew out, I was pushed back to the ground by the ceiling barrier right outside the gate. I could fly around normally, but I couldn't get back up to the gate while it was closed. I was forced to exit back to Cetus.

There are a couple dozen more screenshots from this ordeal I didn't post here:

EDIT: For a bit of context, I joined a bounty, and upon leaving the gate, I got that new visual bug that looks like the Phorid roar overlay. This was maybe the 4th time I had the bug, and didn't want to deal with it for five bounties, so I left the squad, went back to Cetus, restarted the bounty with Konzu, re-entered the Plains, and got the floating entrance bug.


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The cetus door spawned above a lake and didnt spawn in its normal position, this allowed me to fly a bit outside the map (into the area under the bubble) through the hole where it spawns normally. Also i was running around gara toht lake and when i looked down at the ground the camera would fly above me so that i was looking down at my warframe at seemingly random positions. I was still able to exit the mission and go back to cetus using an archwing to fly into the area of the door. Gallery of bug screenshots

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I have a full video of this happening, but here is a supporting screen shot. You hit every point that I was going to come to the forums and type. Thanks for saving all the work.

(Side note: This was a Eidolon Hunt x3)

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i have had same thing happen went to unlock a riven mod solo and when i left the cetus to go to plains i went through just fine but when second door opened up it was way up in the air above what i believe to be the main lake. i had some shots but cant figure out how to attach them as  i cant copy and paste them into window and they are not on a website so i dont have a url for the images.

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1 hour ago, [DE]Megan said:

As much as I love a good 'Castle in the Sky' moment, this bug has been fixed for the next Hotfix!

Well there goes a badass "Battlefield Entrance" opportunity:sadcry:

Hopefully, this can actually become a thing someday..

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Wanted to share the info that this happens to me most of the time, when a host migration was done in the round before!

reproducible steps:

-) join a party, and complete a mission
-) leave the party before extraction if you are not host *host migration will be done*
-) you're now alone on the map -> extract
-) back in cetus accept a new misson and enter the plains
-) bugged -> enjoy the skygate


also a bug... at night, the very first seconds when you enter the plains, it looks like it's daytime

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I thought I was the only one this happened to!

As mentioned by other players, the gate out of Cetus opened for me, only for me to see the plains far below me. I took a chance and jumped down and all sorts of 'fun' things began happening, including mobs and objects being first below the ground, then far over my head, enemies spawning on the same level as me and not moving and towards the end, just before the mission ended, me getting caught in an unending battle against ghouls that just kept spawning infinitely. Even jumping out of the gate had some issues, as I landed on the ground, then was back up in the sky, then fell to the ground again, then kind wobbled up and down randomly.

Sorry I didn't get any pictures.

But hey...! It's an idea for a new way to enter the plains isn't it? Getting directly airdropped in the middle by your lander near mission objectives. Would save some of the endless running around people complain about.

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