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Mental Links, A Fanfiction


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                                                                                     Prologue: Casualties of War


-You know very well what we intend to do here-Chief Tal'ken, in charge of the ship, Voidflyer, told the men around him-Just let me remind you why we are doing it. We do it, first, because someone has to. Second, because it's our job. And third, because it's about damn time someone gives Them what they deserve! They have shown no mercy to our people, slaughtering them in our very own ship, only to ransack it! They are but beasts, monsters that seek to consume us all! And today, we shall bite back with the best set of jaws we have.


-The enemy is two minutes away, Chief-communicated the squad's linkup officer, who then changed to a private channel with Tal'Ken-The last lines of defense are pulling back as instructed, but not easily. Thirty percent of survival on our forces.


-That's better than expected-Tal'Ken answered him coldly, and then he turned towards the rest of his group-You heard, 2 minutes tops, everyone to your positions ASAP.


His squad was positioned in a small room, formerly an area for the revision of cargo before entering the secure room behind them, which was their enemies' objective.


They had found that out by elimination. After successful raids were performed in every other area of interest in the ship, there was no other room that could hold anything of worth to the Annihilators, as they had come to call them, because of their tendency to, well... annihilate anything and everything in their path.


In that occasion, Tal'Ken had distributed his men around this room's abundant cover, to prepare an ambush for the time when they were to arrive. This was the best close quarters combat unit he could gather and accommodate in that area, so they had to be successful.


-One minute, 30 seconds-the linkup officer said-They move as expected, in tight formation and firing at will.


-Are we ready to do this?-asked Ren'Sca, his second in command, and an old friend, as he approached-I don't see our star around here.


-I am coming!-a trooper said as he moved into the room, slowed down by the weight of a strange, red plated armor, and two large cylinders he carried on his back-This thing's not only heavy, but a pain to put on.


-It was about time Rak'Nii, now let's get into position and prepare-Tal'Ken said.


They stood just aside the door towards the room where the presumed objective was located. Since it was a dead end, to block it was needless, and the door was too big for the three of them to do it anyway. All they needed was a clear vision to the smaller door from where the enemies were going to come.


-One minute, you must begin charge up now-the linkup officer remarked.


-Let's go-Rak'Nii said anxiously.


Tal'Ken and Ren'Sca stood aside him, and each one grabbed one of his arms as he raised them. Then they started transferring all the excess energy they could from their bodies to the armor. They were far larger than Rak'Nii, and their power was more than enough to charge the armor, but it was also more than he could take.


Rak'Nii did his best to hide it, but they both knew that he was going through a lot of pain. However, he signalled to continue, and they completed the charge-up. The armor glowed red with power as sparks of leftover energy were released.


-Twenty seconds, enemy incoming, prepare-they received a reminder for the linkup.


Tal'Ken and Ren'Sca took a step forward and stood, with every muscle tensed. Rak'Nii pulled their arms back as far as he could, and prepared himself.


The doors opened, and before they could see anything else than a glimpse of an armored silhouette, they had already thrown him at them, their long and strong tentacled arms sending him through the air at full speed.


Everyone saw a blur of red and orange fly through the room before the blast, but not all in that room could hear the scream:


-Honor and Glory!


Fitting last words for a Runner.

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                                                                                                                     First Contact


In a second, their flawless mission became disaster like Nyx had never seen before.


The Ember who was at the front of the squad had no chance to react, being hit by the brunt of... Whatever that was, and sent back towards the Excalibur. Loki run for cover as his suit blended with the environment. Then it exploded. Nyx was pushed back, but activated her Absorb before she was downed, barely getting to block a wave of charged metal pieces.

She was protected, but she had to watch it all.


Ember and Excalibur were torn, they got hit by the brunt of the blast, their shields and systems completely fried. Loki was in no better shape. Disrupting shrapnel had hit him, disabling his systems and leaving him open to the Leapers that waited behind the crates. They downed him, and he succumbed quickly.


Nyx could see many Infested around the room, now that it was lit by small fires left from the explosion. However, they wouldn't advance. They waited for something. For her Absorb to run out. Then the blast went off, to hit nothing but crates and machinery. After that they swarmed.


Nyx reached for her Paris, but the magnetic grip had failed, and it was on the ground, out of range. The Infested Chargers were almost on her, when she activated Chaos. The green glow covered them, and they started fighting eachother.


She went back through the door, and started running to the areas they had already cleared, only to be met by a wall of advancing Infested that were closing the distance as fast as they could. That was the plan all along. She had no choice but to go on.




Tal'Ken saw his enemy run back into the kill room, and slip through the controlled fighters, to the target area, and he was enraged to no amount. Of all of Them, there were none more sadistic and despicable than the Mind Ravagers. He at once sought Ren'Sca, whom was at his side, fending off some of their former allies.


-Contain this at once, stop them to the best your skills!-he ordered as he run after his target-I shall hunt the Ravager...


-You cannot go against it alone, come back here!-Ren'Sca said, but he knew it was pointless. Tal'Ken did not care for anything but his prey.


Tal'Ken followed it to the target area. It was a Research and Development lab, which surely contained data or artifacts most valuable for his enemy. It was a wide room, filled with containers, consoles and machinery, and also a wide array of possible hiding places.


Tal'Ken felt something. It was odd, like a primal sensation, an instinct, pulling him away from the room, directing his attention outside of the room. Then he started blocking all distractions. He disregarded all the screams, the maelstrom of feelings from his squad members, the ones that remained. And, at that point, it was clear.


He felt the Tenno. It was... desperate, much like a rat chased by a bird. It had tried to play him, used whatever was left of it's energy to create a link, and divert him. It worked in Corpus goons. As if those poor things were to be compared with him. The Tenno hid next to him, behind a container.


-You really believed that would work on me, Ravager?-Tal'Ken thought openly so the Tenno could hear-Now come out and face your fate. I shall tear you apart myself, much like your partners were torn apart.


It was a taunt, one that was bound to work. The Tenno came out swinging a blade, a "Cronus". But it was met by a tentacle, crusing it's shields and making it fall. It got up quickly, only to be hit again, sent back to the ground.


The Tenno was in the verge. It pulled out it's sidearm and prepared to die, defiant. It was desperate. Much like many of Tal'Ken's men back in their day... refusing to accept their impending demise without fighting.




The Ancient stood in front of her as Nyx aimed her Viper. The gun was brand new, with no modifications, and had little chance to penetrate the Ancient's natural armor. The Ancient raised it's long arm and she closed her eyes, as she waited for the final blow, the honorable death. But she heard the sound of an impact on metal, right next to her head, and then the creature spoke to her instead, in her mind:


-I give you a choice, Ravager-it said-much like the one denied to many of my own. You shall help us, and, in return, continue to live as you are now.


-I will not help you with anything!-Nyx answered defiantly.


-Do not answer-the Ancient said-until you know what i will ask of you.


Then, many Infested began to enter the room. There were Chargers, Leapers, Runners and Ancients. One of the latter, a Healer, approached Nyx and looked at her wounds. It unleashed a small healing pulse. Nyx could overhear what the Healer said next:


-This will control the bleeding-the Healer told the Ancient-But it will not be able to move without opening it.


-It'll be good for her to know-the Ancient answered, and then he turned his mind towards the mass behind him-Bring them now.


A small group came through the group, with all focused on them. They were just another bunch of Chargers and Leapers, but there was something about them, something different.


-They are unlinked-it told her, as it heard her thought-They are separated from the Mental Collective. They will die within weeks, if we are not forced to put them down before then.


-How did that happen?-Nyx asked.


All of the Infested turned towards her, and she felt the weight of their gazes, and their great anger, through her link to the Ancient.


-This is your doing, Mind Ravager-the Ancient explained-Your kind's powers to manipulate our fellow soldiers against us also destroy their mental links. They are not only killed, but Continuity is denied to them. You shall rebuild their union to the Collective, in the same way you were able to link yourself. This what i ask of you.



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