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[PH] Void Onslaught difficulty choice request.

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I have a request to DE. I don't know exactly what are the plans for right now called [PH] Void Onslaught


Can we get more of those [PH] Void Onslaught with more level choices like:
-60-70 level (Requirement: MR:6 +Completed [PH]Void Onslaught level 20-30)
-100-110 level (Requirement: MR:14 +Completed [PH]Void Onslaught level 60-70)
-140-150 level (Requirement: MR22 +Completed [PH]Void Onslaught level 100-110)
-[For future release] 180-190 level (Requirement: MR29 +Completed [PH]Void Onslaught level 140-150)

Requirements are the same as unlocking level of enemies in Similacrum +Need to complete full 20 minutes of easier [PH]Void Onslaught, just to make sure that player will probably be able to handle the harder one and that weak fresh players can't enter the high leveled content just to make it harder for others by caring them for the whole mission.)

Of course higher rewards for those. Why add those? In my opinion Warframe is lack of difficulty, I'm slowly getting really bored of all these easy missions[MR25 here] and just slowly going away from Warframe after 5 years of playing. Just doing sorties and exit while waiting for the new contents and hoping for something hard to come, because difficulty can be fun.

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