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Neurodes - Best Place To Farm Them And Why.



Hey guys!


As the Topic Title says: where is the best place to farm neurodes and why?

I want a level that's easy, quick, and easy to obtain neurodes. If the levels aren't any of these, I'd still like to hear what levels are best for farming neurodes.


Thanks guys!

Stay Classy - XxS1LENCExX

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there's no easy and quick way to get things in life. learn to deal with it.


ok, old-man advice aside, try to farm bosses. hek on earth and phorid on eris drop neurodes. but i think after the last update U9.5 the drop rate on bosses is decreased while common enemies drop rate increased. so try in a mission like defense and mobile defense. maybe someone have another suggestion?

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Since the latest update ressources drop more often then before.


I have heard rumors about nightmare mode dropping more neurodes, yet haven't really noticed that much of a difference.


As LoQui said, Cyath and Xini are the places to be imo.

If you are still a noob I'd recommend doing defence missions on Earth.

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I have a ceratin feeling bosses don´t drop loot anymore,cuz I just got Control module on Valefor.But if you want a low level that drops tons of mods as a bonus I always go Eurasia on Earth.


They drop loot still, I got a dozen control modules off Raptor yesterday, although I did about 30 runs to get them.  Also, 18 chassis, 13 helmet BP's, not 1 system BP =(

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