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Arlayn's Infamous Ideas- Endgame Mercenaries


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What in the heck am I talking about? Have you seen or head about the unpublished Dark Sector? Well what if we bring that concept back, but in a fashion that makes it an interesting end game content.


No players will EVER have to fight head to head. How does it work? Work for either Corpus, or Grineer and score brownie points, for either yourself, or your clan (depending if your warlord gave you permission to represent). Now you can't have points with both factions either one or the other. In Conquest mode or side quest mode both of the factions will offer side missions which will appear in their own tab. You can choose to accept their missions and go to the opposite faction missions and cause trouble. Every time you complete these side quest in the missions you go to you gain points with that faction, but negative points with the opposite faction.


The more your liked by that faction the more weapon Blueprints will be offered in the market exclusively for you(or maybe you go to a certain HQ/base/shop owned by that faction and they sell blueprints). If your a clan they will offer special rewards like a constant flow of a certain resource of your choosing(only one) into your dojo. Possibly furniture, and/or rooms as well to build in your dojo. With the possibility of changing the tileset of your dojo to that faction's style.


So lets break this down (because personally I would love to work with Corpus)

Lets say I helped Corpus. So they give me a special side mission. So I have to assassinate Vor, with a tacked on side mission to steal his data pad and bring it to the Corpus so they can take advantage of the Grineer's needs or strike at some weakness. I do that and get points. After awhile I will accumulate enough points for both myself, and my clan. So lets go into this.


The Corpus shop I visit will eventually offer me special exclusive Corpus weapons, gear, coloring, sentinels, rooms, furniture... lets get into detail what I am talking about.


Gear- When I say this I mean like a Corpus badge to wear, Corpus styled parts to place on your warframe, a corpus version of a Volt head. Special re-skins for weapons to make them different.


Colors- Colors of that faction, or patterns of that faction such as their logo over your whole body that you may color in any fashion.


Sentinels- May or may not be Osprey shield, mine, and leech.


Rooms- Basiclly a special tileset change you can apply to the entire dojo to make it corpus styled. Possibly even a special challenge room where the room is connected to a factory that builds moas, and osprey for you to fight and test your skills. Of course you need to bring in resources to research those units to build them to fight so you can test your weaponry safely, and then even tweak the level to see how much damage your weapons do as they get stronger


Furniture- Corpus furniture like computers, statues of corpus, an inactive Moa, a group of Osprey being held by cranes (pre-activation form I guess) Corpus suit hangars. (Maybe active moa, and ospreys too)


Exclusive Corpus weapons- Weapons you wouldn't get from research labs. Something you have to work hard to get from the Corpus personally and NO mastery rank required... only thing required is that you have a high enough reputation status with the Corpus to get them and use them. and NO you cannot do any form of rushing on this.


Clan, and personal reputation are separate. you clan can build up reputation with that faction, and you can personal build up reputation with the opposite faction but would hurt your clan if you were made a representative, and would be in your best interest to go with the flow and help the faction your clan has chosen. (That's a con actually is that if your in a clan your whole clan has to agree on who to team up with, or they can just choose for you not to be a clan rep and therefore your actions do not affect the clan rep with a faction.)


Also if you start helping the opposite action your reputation with the other faction will fall, while the new faction your helping rises.


Lotus is not a faction you may help you already work for her. There will only be the two dominant factions you may work for Grineer, and Corpus. Since Infested just want to eat you.



Why do the Tenno never conflict?

Simple... We make up lore that Tenno vowed to never harm one another outside of practice duels. So therefore Tenno never fight each other EVER...



Now then what the hell is conquest mode? Well yes reputation goes with this first, BUT there is more!


Conquest mode based on the combined activities of all the players in game which ever faction is dominating for the month will give the players following them special services, and rewards. Every month the faction balance resets to 0. As players do jobs for each faction they gain the upper hand. If the faction your following wins at the end of the month you win special prizes, resources, credits, badges, trophies, a rank/title given by that faction. Possibly even cheaper goods to buy from the faction. Those who have a longer loyalty to their faction will gain special ranks and titles as their faction wins (even if the faction loses you do not lose your status and it will increase every time your faction wins).


[Maybe on the side if our faction wins five times, every five times at the fifth time you get 25%(or however much DE is comfortable with) off platinum for the duration of the month. No not 5 times in a row just five times. As a gift from that faction.]



Now then this idea is a brainstorm and I may someday throw it at the devs, or in a feedback forum or something when this idea makes sense, and everyone kicks the ideas out they don't like and throw ideas they feel would improve such a system.

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Being hired by the enemies, going against each other (despite saying we aren't), and trying to rush more then we already do?


Then adding exclusive cosmetics and weapons to this?


My clan is who I work for. I grind for the betterment of the dojo. Not for the Grineer or Corpus.



Big ol -1 from me.

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Don't have my vote, sorry.


Plus the disease killed everyone from when Dark Sector was around.



So why would they be back now.

Dark Sector Unpublished...

Learn your digital Extremes history

 Dark Sector unpublished was a mercenary hire version of Warframe. You would work for who ever hired you. As shown in this video where Trinity was working for the Grineer.


Also your not fighting against each other. Not once do the Tenno clash ever directly. Its just changing the tide of who has more power. Besides If Tenno had deeper insight of both factions, and their workings they would become operatives of he Lotus gathering info directly just in case some huge power pull occurs that could endanger the solar system.


Besides I have always wanted a level where you have to work side by side with Vor. Just about every storyline with a hero, and a villain has had that event where heros, and villains work together. Working with Corpus maybe even a level where you and a Hyena have to hunt down an infested that harbors a possible doom gene or something. Maybe Team up with Vor to go into the Orokin Void and destroy a dangerous weapon that would be bad for Tenno to have it because it infects their Warframes with a virus that turns them into berserk frames that are incapable of using powers, and turns the user insane. It also would infect machinery so its bad for Corpus, and destroys flesh so its bad for the grineer.


Couldve even have a three way team with Corpus, Grineer, and Tenno working together to stop a great infestation threat, or something horrible was released from the Void thus leading to a team up, and special maps where you have to go to each checkpoint and give cover fire for the Grineer, and Corpus forces as they move in on certain targets to clear the way so you can all gang up on some great threat.


either way promoting the possibility of Tenno working with the enemy instead of always against them would be quite interesting. As it is I don't think the Tenno really are enemies with the Grineer, and Corpus. It seems more like a political battle is going on. The Lotus is just being a problem, and caused problems for the Tenno. If the Tenno were just left alone the grineer wouldn't have to be trying to destroy them all, and may have protected them from the Corpus. There is even the possibility that the Corpus since they are a cult may be broken into divisions that do not work together. With a possibility certain members of the Corpus board are willing to help Tenno.


So maybe you wouldn't work with the Corpus who hate you, or the Grineer trying to destroy you, but instead splinter groups, or divisons from both factions that are willing to work with you and see things differently from the others. Maybe even a possible future event where one of the Sister Queens hates you, and the other wants to work with you.


Meaning Warframe would have more real life political in fighting. Just like in real life, or in the movies like in Star Wars. There will always be inside groups that think, and feel differently about the whole functions of their group. They will in turn look to help the Tenno. Maybe there is Corpus who smuggle Tenno to the Lotus or to safety. Maybe Stalker is working for Vor, Lech, Sargus, Nef, and the others who are all in together on some strange plan that is unknown to the rest hence why he avenges them. It is possible that there is deeper issues and the only way to get in on them is for the Tenno to work more closely with these splinter/inside/defector, and sections that do not follow the norm that fights against you. Maybe during a mission a Corpus insurgent could show up and give you a hand during a corpus mission, maybe some Grineer who are supporters of the Tenno will intervene during a mission.


Small possibilities of Corpus and grineer fighting each other because of your actions is even more possible. Maybe Corpus insurgents make a plan to work with you to invade a Corpus base and steal a top secret weapon that they wish to turn into a blueprint and give to you, and use it for themselves as well.


If you have ever studied the Corpus words it sounds like there is more then one company/group/clans that make up the Corpus. They do not sound united. This means working with Corpus doesn't mean working with the whole unbounded whole but small groups who do not like other corpus groups, or the grineer. Possible resources can be obtained through helping them. Maybe the Grineer want to go mining and they need back up so they hire you to help them which makes it a defense mission with Grineer helping  you. In the end they find something and they share it with you. Maybe the Corpus want to send a research group into an infested derelict and they need you to escort them through the ship and they will have weapons of their own like flux rifles to fend off infested as they move as group following you.


Maybe some Grineer will team up with you to sabotage another Grineer's plans. Like say Sargus Ruk wants to you to sabotage Vor and make him look like a fool. So you help Sargus Ruk, or maybe another general who is not a boss that you fight is willing to work with you. Therefore you work with that general to make the other generals look like fools and increase his reputation with the Queens in which he would reward you for doing such and give the Lotus info. Vice Versa could happen with Corpus helping a certain leader in the Corpus forces reach Board status and then make decisions that could change the course of everything and help the Lotus. A good example of a sabotage is lets say Vor has a planned celebration with fireworks. Your job infiltrate the ship find the fireworks and do something bad to them, or blow up the ship, or reroute it into a group of grineer, or valuable resources that would embarrass Vor infront of the Queens in person.

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I dont like the "Merc for hire" part at all.


Firstly both the Grineer and the Corpus are our enemies, and while I can get behind a temporary alliance such as in the Formorian event, working directly for them is just not Tenno.


Secondly, say I was working for the Grineer, would I still be able to kill Grineer in order to get the items I want? If so you are breaking immersion, if not then you cut out a whole portion of the game


And finally, the Grineer are the bad guys, trying to take over Sol and stuff, the Tenno were brought back to stop them.

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