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My Attempt At Getting Ember.


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After spending 12+ hours on one mission a person tends to realize just what is wrong with what they do, and after spending those 13 or so hours and 70+ attempts to get one piece: Ember systems, I realized that the drop rates in this game are absolute trash, can someone please elaborate with me on this and figure out what is really going on here?

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Shes not trash against one thing Infested but thats usually what I'm up against but god damn I had the same problem with Trinity just on a smaller scale.


You don't get it, she's great. Her armor ability makes her a better tank than Rhino, and she has great AOEs. She's not the best frame in the game, but she sure as hell isn't bad.

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Duel room now



me And My Ember with ogris will teach you a lesson 

Yes, because balancing a PvE game based on PvP is a great way to go.


Let's put it this way, Nova outscales her in Armor, Speed, and Damage easily. Saryn too.


She is a caster that was good Pre U9 buff.



Sorry, but she isn't useless. She isn't as good as other frames though.

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