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Arid Fear Bug: Corpus Scout Uncapturable/stuck.


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On two seperate missions, the Corpus Scout has become uncapturable and stuck; effectively becoming either not an actual enemy, or invincible, which results in those playing the mission having to abandon, as the game will not let us proceed.

While trying to work through the issue, we tried Mag's Pull, Loki's Switch Teleport and several other environmental things, such as shooting out the windows or exploding barrels next to the scout. This does nothing and the scout continues to stand there.


While troubleshooting/searching for help, I came across this video, which shows that my friends and I are not the only ones to have suffered through this bug.


The first time it happend I used Mag's Crush, and a friend of mine says he may have done the same around the same time that the scout bugged out. There also seems to be a Mag warframe in the video, which means it may be linked to that ability.


There doesnt seem to be a way around this bug, other than abandoning the mission, so some sort of fix would be greatly appreciated.

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Happened the same in my group, different ocasions,  with: 

1) Mag - Bullet Atractor - while the scout was invisible (trying to mark him);

2) Mag - Crush;

3) Trinity - Link - "marking" while invisible;

4) Frost - Snow Globe - trying to slow down the scout;

5) Vauban - Bastille - trying to contain the scout while invisible;


in all ocasions we had to abandom the mission...



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