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Question About Phase Three


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Will Phase three still be using Corpus void keys? Me and my two friends farmed 10 keys tonight (We calculated us getting 3 points minimum, which adds up to the 90 points we need to finally reach 100).


Why am I asking about phase three?


Because We farmed those keys till 3 in the morning, and are going to bed.


I will be out tommorow till later that night, and judging by how quickly the top clans grinded through phase one, I'm worried I'll come home and phase three wont even use the damn keys, so we had wasted all our time.


Can somebody clear this up for me?


Will we still have 4 or so days to use the keys, or what?

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To answer your question, I can't help much because I'm not from DE :P
Judging from phase two which is actually the same thing as phase one, the point number go to the same place accumulated.
So, I think another phase will continue this point and use the same method.

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