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How Many Total Mods In The Game?



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Hello Tenno!

The Warframe wiki page is accessible to anyone, it might do your current and future curiosities. The page contains a vast array of wonderful treats and surprises. Visit the page and check if you have all the mods, do not frown though when it proves you don't T_T

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I added up all the wiki page because I too wanted to know this, I got 123 mods, 1 fusion core, plus the three new ones.13 auras. I personally have 490  cards ( I fusion a lot) with 336 duplicates for a total of 154.


123+1+3+13= 140 So I am missing 17 (Counting new ones for the smart asses out there)



I may be a little off but thats just a quick 2 way tally.

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i have 177 mods (zero fusion cores) and no duplicates


(i included the normal warframe abilities which i don't have contagion for sayrn ?!? idk why and i thought it was impossible to get rid of your last ability mod of one type)


10 of which are auras ...

I don't have infested impedance, corrosive projection, and pistol scavenger.

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i have 177 mods (zero fusion cores) and no duplicates.

Keep in mind if you have different levels of the same mod it doesn't count it as a duplicate. So according to the I game count, a level 2 Redirection and a level 10 Redirection are different mods.

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