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Can not connect in a match with friends

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I can't connect with friends of mine for a match I've tested it several ways

1. I tryed to connect with friend 1 it put me in a forever please wait I restarted the game and tryed to connect with friend 2 with getting the same result 

2 I just had them try to connect with each other and it worked 

3 I made sure all my settings in the ps4 system were accurate and working as well as the inner game settings before trying to connect 

I would like this fixed as soon a posible cause this is one of my only ways to de stress and hang out with my friends after work 

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From the PS4 "Test network connection" option, what is your NAT Type?  What is your friend's NAT Type value if they do the same?  Ideally, you should be looking at "Type 2", but at a guess I'd say you might have a type 3 connection at the moment for some reason.

If your own NAT type is stricter than theirs, PSN might not be letting you make the connection but will permit them to connect to each other if they have the same or less strict types.  A change in NAT type can easily be the result of your ISP messing about with security and port settings on your router without your knowledge.

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