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Paris/bow Projectile Piercing


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Recently, after the Arid Fear patch, I've noticed something different. In the past, whenever I shot someone with my Paris chock full of elemental mods, they died from the elemental damage and their body didnt fly, thus rendering me unable to proc the column damage.


However, after the patch, my arrows seem to be piercing my victim if he dies from that arrow, even if he died from elemental damage and didnt fly. Seems to be pretty consistant. Havent tried it out with more than 2 enemies in a column though. 


My question is, was this effect here before? I heard that the 'pierce' last time only came from the flying bodies, not the arrow itself, but it seems otherwise after the recent patch. Is this here to stay? I hope so, certainly makes bows better and more fun to use. 


Oh and I love the new bow charge reticle. 

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