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Escalation Completed


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 Nothing could have prepared the Corpus for this vicious assault at the hands of zealous Tenno Strike Teams!


They insulted Lotus. She could have shortened down her entire mission briefing to "Fuckk their $hit up Tenno !" and the result would be same.

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I must say greed did drive me to do this event.

Initially I just wanted to do 1 or 2 runs, just to contribute a little, but I did not see the benefits of me putting in time into it.

For me, I am still a long way from Xini, and it isn't easy finding squads that are within latency range doing the appropriate astroids/moons. Adding more maps would just further increase the amount of maps I have to do. Probably not the best thing I would mindlessly leap to.


Clan statue? I don't even have a clan I would associate myself with. Currently I'm in a clan, but only because they randomly invited me and I got ignored on another occasion.

Then came greed...

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Still not worth grinding another 50 points for a pistol mod I may never use.


The mod adds % multi-shot which makes it pretty valuable. 

Though I get where you're coming from. It is a bit of a grind. Find a decent group though and you find yourself settling into a rhythm its not bad. And blasting my way through the corpus missions as fast as possible, taking down target and getting the F*** out of there added a sense of urgency I don't get with other missions. So it has THAT going for it.

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