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The Idles Look Great Buuuut!


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Some look like they are dancing to thriller...



PS: About Loki's hunchback, it seems they went with the Paranoid demented approach about him.



You cannot be choked from the back with your shoulders hunched and you can be ready for someone to attempt to attack you with your hand in front of your face *When he has his secondary*


They seem to went about the stance more as if Loki was a PoW, rather then a cocky Joker like Batman has to deal with, or the rage infused one that Loki is in the Thor movies.

So please, stop saying he has back cancer and think about why he might be doing that.



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I personally thought Loki stood like that because he was about to break into a sprint at any given point.

That's my thought.  The problem with it is that's it's an action oriented stance for a neutral position.  If I'm standing around, I might be chatting looking around, or just in my armory.  Having the Loki in an action sense does not mesh well with that; he needs a neutral stance for standing around. 

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