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Possible New Modding System!?!


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I hate having to grind away to get mods and such to max the ones we have. Then when I switch weapons having to switch out the mods.

I was thinking that since we are warriors that get deployed and don't live in the warzone, always wearing our weapons, we should have our arsenal a way to which we grab our weapons from our "lockers" then board the ship and deploy. It would be a grab your weapons per mission. We would have mods that can be placed in our weps and stay there. I'm not explaining this well. An analogy would be a perk system such as in tribes ascend. You would have your set myself d system and have different loadouts maybe per faction. You would be able to make the load outs in the main screen under a new tab.

But what would the actual nodding system be? Well each mod you get us combines into each other and eventually they rank up. They get affinity just like weapons being used too. What about rare mods? Well, once you max a certain mod, the extras get turned into fusion cores (you still can get them as regular mods too) and you pay to use the cores as a bonus and pay to add them to your mods

EDIT: ALSO I am typng this from my phone so sorry for autocorrect and typos

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