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A Little Fix That Would Change The World


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I don't know about anyone else, but I hardly use my Inventory due to the fact that it interrupts the fluidity of my gameplay.

On opening that little screen, we are completely vulnerable to -anything and everything-, which we can't help if we really need that ammo box or team heal.

I'd like to propose keybinds for each of the inventory slots, so that we can stay immersed while using our items!

Also, I feel as though animations should be added for each of the respective items; clicking a briefcase and instantly gaining max ammo just doesn't feel right. Same goes for the instant heals to shields and/or health.

Implementing these fixes (changes?) would make it actually viable to use our inventories, and so we wouldn't die whilst trying to replenish our stock.

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I suspect they're hesitant to change that with the upcoming console implementation, but I would love it if we could bind each inventory slot to, say, the numpad.

Or have them defaulted as unbound, and allow customization as an option. I'm a laptop user, and it'd be nice if I could bind inventory slots to the same ones I use in DotA :P

But also, I'd still like some animations to go along with these items.

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