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For Being Rare, The Alert Weapons Are Disappointing


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TL;DR at the bottom.

As the title suggests, the alert weapons can only just barely keep up with the normally available weapons.

A few examples:

Pangolin Sword: For all it's beauty, the Pangolin Sword is a mere slight upgrade from the Skana, outperformed by the Cronus.

Ceramic Dagger: Low damage, oddly large requirement of Gallium, basically a tiny reskin of the Cronus.

Jaw Sword: Just a very lackluster weapon, nothing too special about it at all, other than decent damage on normal attacks.

Plasma Sword: Similiar to Jaw Sword, except it looks very odd and performs slightly better.


I'm sure this has been said before, but make these weapons worthwhile. My Pangolin Sword blueprint is unused, and I'm very hesitant to build it.

TL;DR: Make us have a reason to use these rare weapons. That's all.

EDIT: Other than Saenol, who pointed out the weapon's uses, many people will still use the weapons for Mastery alone. Aren't we supposed to enjoy the weapons and use them for more than just Mastery?

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Pangolin Sword - Staggers with every hit, Cronus does not.


Ceramic Dagger - AP damage, Cronus lacks this.


Jaw Sword - pretty much.


Plasma Sword - Best critical rate on charge attacks of all melee weapons, and very good charge damage.

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There is a reason. You can check them on the "weapons I need to rank up and never use them again" list.

this is not how content in a game should be treated. someone spent time creating it, it's a massive waste for everyone to discard it after an hour.

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I wish DE would make more mods that give a lot of love to normal attacks. Right now charge damage is basically everything except on dual daggers. 



That said, alert melee weapons are indeed disappointing.


Pangolin Sword is a very elegant weapon, but it's a utility damage dealer that has useless utility and highly sub par damage. 


Jaw Sword is just like wtf why does this thing exist.


Dark Sword is meh.


Plasma Sword is a monster, but again it's charge damage.


Ceramic dagger is a dagger, nuff said. Same thing with Dark Dagger.

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