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[Warframe Suggestion] Joker


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The Joker makes fighting seem like a cirkus with his harassing and stealhy moves.


Abilities: (OLD)                                              


1: Illusion:

Sends a running hologram towards the crosshair (great for diverting gunfire).


2: Maniacal Laughter:

Throws a voice box towards the crosshair that emits a maniacal laughter sound which attracts enemies and reduces their rate of fire (Shaky fingers).


3: Spinning Wheel:

Throws knifes in every direction hitting any enemy in sight (limited amount of knives).


4: Freakshow:

Joker plays with the enemies minds and making them commit suicide (or atleast damage them alot).


Update 1:                                                                  


Since all my abilities seemed like ripoffs on other abilities i took the liberty of creating new ones.


1. Backstab:

Readies X number of knifes that automatically stabs enemies when you get close.


2. Fun box:

Throws a box that upon landing expands to a miniature turret that lasts for a few seconds.


3. Mount:

Jumps on nearest enemy and manually controls them. Lasts until mounted enemy dies (acts as another health bar).


4. Blood Dance:

Gains speed,attack speed boost and only critical strikes for X seconds. 

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