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Warframe Utility App V5.9.0 For Android Now Out!


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Current features:

Alert notifier, including background notifier, and a homescreen widget

Damage calculator for your weapons

Update all weapon stats without re-downloading the entire app

Hacking minigame

Information about all of the Warframes

Extensive settings for pretty much everything



Planned additions/changes:

UI improvements (pretty much a continuous task)

Special UI for tablets

Library of mods, including their names, mod energy values, maximum ranks and descriptions

Warframe Mod Calculator

Sentinel Mod Calculator

Add Sentinel weapons

Add ability to share mod loadouts

Add feature where device will read out contents of alert

Separation of Warframes and weapons, with more stuff for each

Info on Void stuff

Add numbers to the Warframes' powers (damage, range etc)

Sentinel minigame (if Digital Extremes allow me to do it)

Foundry access (if Digital Extremes allow me to do it)



Changes in this update:

Introducing the new Sensei reward scheme! Also fixed some more alert bugs

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