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A new 'Hidden Message'

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I recently discovered a new Hidden Message in the loading screen. It occurred in a very similar fashion to the original hidden message that hinted at the Second Dream, the only difference I saw was the lack of tenno text as there was in the original. There was only a single line of tenno text rather than the wall of text encountered with the first message we had.

I tried to screenshot it but the mission loaded before I could screencap it. 

The series of events occurred as follows; 

Loading mission and waiting
Static screen
Static noise in the background
Redline along the far left side of the screen which then proceeded to open into a red text box covering most of the screen
The mysterious single line of tenno text appeared
Then the mission loaded and the mission went on as normal. 


Has anyone else seen this recently? I think it may have been introduced with the new Zephyr Prime release because I haven't seen this before aside from the first message hinting at the second dream.

If anyone can get a screenshot and/or decode the message, do let me know. 


As a side note, after the mission was completed I received a message from Vey Heck himself. It may be unrelated but I believe I should add it here just in case.

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Many reports of new messages have been resurfacing quite frequently but rest assured, the message you saw is the same as it always was. Depending on how fast your game is, loading into the mission may cut some of the text off, leaving lines unfinished. This is what makes it shorter than normal, and leaves us thinking it’s another hint. With that said, you can argue that the game won’t load you into the mission until the box disappears. 

I wish they would add more of the loading screen Easter egg.. maybe we’ll get one about The Sacrifice :0

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