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Warframe Drinking Game


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Take a shot if-

You fire a gun

You use an ability

You get nano-spores

You get salvage

Toxic Ancients kill the pod

Somebody is being a defense hero


Down the bottle if-

Somebody kills everything with their ult

Loki Switch Teleports you

Vauban trolls you with bounce


Optional Shots-

Chris9428 posts something related to anime on this forum

Rengakun posts something related to Mechwarrior or Cats

I post a picture 





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I wonder if anybody will actually attempt this....

No, especially because of Nano Spores and Loki switch teleporting.

Gonna get Loki, equip an essence helmet and streamline.

Switch teleport = 17 energy.

Gonna use flow as well.

Max energy = 450

GG, you're dead!

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