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War(A)Esthetics (Warframe Appearence Discussion)


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I'm creating this thread in hopes to garner some discussion on the topic of Warframe Aesthetics.


As most people are aware the current types of customization for any Warframe consists of two things:


1. Helmet(s)

2. Color Palette


I would want to expand that to four types:



2.Color Palette


4.Warframe Patterns like the newly released Desert Patterns for Grineer weaponry (which I'm sure is on the board to be implemented soon considering the Grineer camo patterns released for this event are probably a test run)


I'm still a new player;  some people might actually have already suggested these additions, or for all I know DE is already in the process of working on these things to be available on full release.


In the very least we could use this as a HUB to bounce ideas around...I for one harken back to the months I spent playing Need for Speed to get myself some Pearlecent Color palettes. For those of you who are unaware, Pearlecent paint jobs were paints that had 2-3 different colors in them that "changed" depending on the angle they were viewed.




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