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Infested Frame


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I havnt put much thought into this but I thought this would be pretty cool to just throw it out there and maybe someone else can back me up or make my dream come true.


I always thought that there should be some type of Tenno that was Infested, yet he/she didnt die and embraced the powers, letting this frame fight fire with fire during infested missions. The frame could have like an infested arm and can do what the Ancients do, whether it be Disruptor, Toxic, or Healer. This frame could go either way with infested abilities.

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if they do this it would be tricky to play as him/her because they'd have to balance it to the right stats,so here are my ideas for the stats!

Hp:125 Shield Cap.:50 Power:100 Armor:25 Sprint Speed:1.0 Polarities: 2x = Aura Polarity: -

sadly i dont know what abilities he/she should have but the infested warframe should have an abitlity where it enhances all of the weapons you have equipped do 2 times the damage done to light infested no matter what weapon it is and it would last one minute and thirty seconds!

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nyx uses psychokinesis, saryn uses chemical warfrare, better get your mind clear

So Nyx using Mind control and Chaos is completely different from Infecting and controlling someone is it? No, I think not.

And Saryn, look at her design, she is the most infested like frame there is, and considering the toxic ancients, and Infested weaponry (Mire, Torid and Acrid) all do poison DoT. Saryn, in all respects, IS an infested frame.

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This is an awesome idea, I was just coming to post it :D Let me throw out some ideas.


The frame could be more of a hard to control experiment. Like the warframe was infected by the Tenno and its a battle of control between the frame and infestation. The frame would be able to use infestation related abilities but would suffer certain effects from them each time (damage, stun effect, once in a while abilities use up all power, etc...)


We can use infestation related games for concepts, like prototype or the zerg from starcraft.


An ability could be to infest an enemy with a parasite that damages the enemy then pops out when the enemy dies, stays around as cannon fodder and minor damager for a while.


Another ability could be something like slash dash or rhino stomp (or something else cause this could make it overused) but it uses a blade created from the infestation on the warframe, like the living infested weapons introduced in update 10.


Maybe another could be the tentacle used by Ancients as a low damage / stun weapon.


Ultimate ability is something I like. Warframe sticks both hands in the ground and tentacles punch through the arms into the ground. These come out underneath enemies and do major damage. If the enemy dies because of this attack it is infested and rapidly degenerates into its corresponding infested counterpart (grinear to chargers, corpus to runners / leapers). These infested run around attacking your enemies until they die or the effect wears off.


I know this could seem very overpowered and more of a tank frame, but thats kind of how I see it. What do you think? Lets get more ideas, i think with nekros in the game and the opening up of new "classes" of warframes, this could be the next big warframe addition.

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