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Vitality/redirection: Possible Miscalculation


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Hello folks,


I've noticed something while playing Loki today.  At rank 30, Loki has 225 base HP and shields.  I have put a rank 5 vitality and a rank 5 redirection on him, and with these mods his HP/Shields are 405 and 405 respectively.


The text on the mods states that each should be a +240% increase in Loki's health and shields.


The way the card reads would suggest this equation:

225 + (2.4 * 225) = 765


That equation sounds ridiculous though, so I think this was more what was intended:

225 * 2.4 = 540


Still not right, maybe it means it really adds 140% onto his current 100%:

225 * 1.4 = 315


Maybe, the bonus is based on his unranked HP/shields:

225 + (2.4 * 75) = 405.  Finally some sense!


Is this calculation the intended function of these mods?


Thank you.


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Very good.  Wanted to post because honestly I've never paid much attention to it until now and the +240% health/shields flavor text on the mod cards would suggest otherwise.

Yeah it should state base health really. I didn't know either.

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