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[Corpus] Unit Design


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Howdy, folks. The addition of the Elites gives a few new opportunities for unit pools, and I've given them some serious thought since the new introductions. A few lore-friendly suggestions about the infantry, and I'm just going to dive right in.





Mixed Loadouts: Allow each unit to have different weapon types. Make weapon type percent chance on unit spawn.


Prod Crewman

Remove this unit. Pool the Prova into the Crewman unit's loadout list.


Sniper Crewman

Remove this unit. Pool the Lanka into the Elite Crewman unit's loadout list.





∙ Mixed Loadout: Dera (Very High), Prova (Low), Spectra (Low).


Corpus Elite Crewman

Rename to Corpus Marine. These units are specialized in combat, and should be deployed on alarm status to respond to boarding parties.

Scale XP: 5%-7% more than Crewman, due to shield and better armament.

Mixed Loadout: Flux Rifle (High), Lanka (Low).


Corpus Tech

Rescale this unit to match Crewman size so they intermix with squads, to make it easier for them to go overlooked and sneak up on Tenno.

Scale XP: 15% more than Crewman, due to shield, drone, and better armament.




Shockwave Moa

Fire laser cannons while moving to a target. These are currently paper XP piñatas; they should be feared shock troopers.


Mine Osprey

If targets are advancing, no difference in functionality.

Launch mine orbs toward targets like a grenade when they are holding position.

These don't need to be too accurate, they just need to force players to make calculated tactical decisions.


And that's it. Nothing flashy, nothing too big!

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personally, i don't think the Prova should be a specific unit, it should be a backup weapon for all corpus. those melee guys running towards you are just XP bags. they'll never get to you unless you're blind. they're suicidal and just a waste of enemy count. 


marines would have Lankas' most of the time? o.0

i don't even remember how dangerous sniper crewman are frankly, but since i don't remember they're probably not that great. 

i just don't want it to be like crewman with Flux rifles, lol. and touching on those, i don't like their accuracy. it's like 100% all the time. that's... too high. nobody is 100% accurate. and i think i've seen the beams going right through other crewman and hitting me. dafuq?


i can understand changing the size of Corpus Techs a bit, but i think they should still be a bit larger than the normal crewman, not the same size, if we resize them at all. 

i mean, Heavy Gunners are pretty obvious units and Bombards / Napalms are a little more subtle, but still larger than their trash mob counterparts.


i'm also not sure i see the logic behind having Spectra as a lower tier weapon for Corpus than Dera. frankly, Corpus with Dera aren't all that accurate. they don't hit Tenno even 50% of the time, unless we're camping harder than a boyscout.

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