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Ceres Lech Krill Boss Bug


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Liutenant lech Krill on exta from Ceres has been broken about 50% of the time I have run the mission in the last couple weeks. I am trying to get frost parts. About half of the time he gets stuck on the part where you have to shoot his back. the team can usually get him to kneel and take damage once or twice but then he becomes invincible and no amount of back shooting will make him kneel again. The tubes stop breaking and the misssion just goes on forever. Please take a look at the bug as it makes it very difficult to farm for frost parts. Thanks.

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I think this bug is not new. However, last time I farmed him he had a bug where you could shoot his backpack as normal but he was invincible during the kneel part and you could only damage in the fire phase

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With the hotfix applied today, i wanted to see if the chance had been raised to drop systems BP.


Joined 5 groups tonight.


3 had migrations where i was only one left.


the other two i joined mid fight, only to find out the last player left due to bug. Srsly, if i hadnt have left the others would probly still be there now ^^


If there is a known bug to this extent, especially for so long as some report...i'd rather the devs leave future content for now and get everything on an even keel to return to that content.


Sort it out plz, i rly want my systems drop :(

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