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Experiencing Game Breaking Lag


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Oddly enough, searching "lag" in the forums provided no results. I'd say 9/10 games I join (by selecting a level and having it matchmake), are noticebly very laggy. Everything from players running in place, to enemies not noticing you for quite some time, to taking 5-10 seconds to register a pick-up. In most cases, making it to the end is no problem. However, many times the game lags all players out at the end scene and all progress that was made is gone (including pick ups)

When I join a friends game that's filled, it's never laggy (he proclaims a good internet connection). When my friends join my game, they say it's fine (60 down / 20 up). No lag with a full 4/4. [

When I select a level (myself), leave it "online" and click play now to enter the instance with no players, very rarely will players join into my game. Even if it's a popular level at the time (alert or whatever). My ports are open as well. I have also lowere the maximum ping for games to join down to 200, and I never join in and never host.

My understnading is that games are locally hosted and that the quality is based on the hosts connections. My question is why in the hell am I constantly being placed in these awful sessions where there is no shortage of player complaints in the squad chat about the lag. Why am I never the host when I know I am able to host a lag-free game? It's making PUGs even worse of an idea and soloing some levels is just not an option. Any help?

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Matchmaking needs a longer ping test.

Take my network for example, there are times when my dl hits 20kb/s, and I still see people who actually get in my room only to be disconnected a few seconds later. (my ul seems to stream at 200kb/s once someone joins my room though, does nothing to help them keep connected to my room)

However when my dl hits 50++ kb/s it makes for playable times, suddenly network drops...


Maybe if the game would run a 30s ping first before letting you join a session then this can be addressed. Not letting you join a session where you have a 10-20% packet loss and an average ping above what you set....

Though I guess this suggestion of mine needs to be moved to the feedback somewhere.

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I totally agree.  I was having so much fun with this game  month or so ago and lately I just been kind of burned out with there not being much to do that is engaging or meaningful and just simply the LAG.


DE needs to really consider putting some of that platinum money in their own dedicated servers so they can host these games.  If not, they are going to have trouble keeping people interested in this game and spending money on it in the long run because it is seriously getting absurd.


I think there is something else going on as well because I have a 12ms 50up/18dn (Speedtest) connection and sometimes people still complain that they are lagging in my games.  Not sure if it is me, them, or Warframe's matchmaking system but it is incredibly annoying and something should be done.

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I join pub game all the time, and it seems they've gotten much better over the past couple months. Its still random though.

Some suck and some are great. Seems the proportion has been getting better though.

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