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Shrine of the Eidolon: Update 22.17.0 +

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Shrine of the Eidolon: Update 22.17.0


A god among mortals. A king among Warframes. Ascend the throne and become Inaros Ramses.

A sword forged for a pharaoh. Bestow the form of this curved blade on any one-handed longsword.

The signature Syandana of Inaros Ramses.

Ascend the throne and become Inaros Ramses with this collection. Includes the mighty Inaros Ramses Skin, the crescent Kopesh Longsword Skin and the Scarab Syandana.

A unique helmet for Nezha.

New Gamemode: Endless Kuva Survival!
Endless Kuva Survival brings an Excavation/Defense twist while maintaining the intensity of Survival. This gamemode offers players a much requested avenue to acquire Kuva outside of the Siphon/Flood mechanic, and on the aptly named Kuva Fortress! Players, both Public and Solo, now balance risk and reward as they sacrifice their Life Support Towers for precious Kuva.

The current Kuva awarded per successful Kuva Harvester is set at 200. A plethora of test runs and acquired stats showed that 200 Kuva sat safely in between Kuva Siphon and Kuva Flood missions. This value is not set in stone - we are eager to read your feedback from your own playthroughs! 

How it works:

  • Taveuni on the Kuva Fortress is now the new home of Endless Kuva Survival. 
  • A marked enemy carrying a Kuva Catalyst will spawn per Life Support Tower.
  • Picking up this Kuva Catalyst and simply walking up to an unactivated Life Support Tower, transforms the Life Support Tower into a Kuva Harvester. Now you must protect this Kuva Harvester for 1 minute (as indicated on your UI) as enemies will now logically and forcefully attempt to destroy it. If they succeed in destroying the Kuva Harvester, you will lose out on both Kuva and the Life Support Tower.
  • Once the Kuva Harvester is complete, 200 Kuva is awarded to everyone! Completed Kuva Harvesters also give a small percentage of Life Support to aid in your literal Survival.
    • Worth noting that this 200 Kuva is awarded the same way as Kuva Siphon/Flood missions, as opposed to a physical Kuva kool aid bottle drop that was proposed in the Dev Workshop as. Meaning, you do not need to return to the Tower to physically pick up your Kuva, it is instantly awarded (still affected by Boosters and Smeeta Charm). 

Check out the full Dev Workshop here for examples and FAQ:

Kuva Fortress Survival Improvements:

  • Removed cramped and maze-like Kuva Fortress tiles that felt unsuitable for an Endless Survival with an Excavation/Defense twist.
  • Added a repurposed Fortress Defense tile to Kuva Fortress Survival with improved enemy navigation and traversible areas. 
  • Improved enemy spawn flow and navigation in the Kuva Fortress Survival tilesets.

Kuva Guardian Changes:
In light of all these changes surrounding Kuva, we felt it necessary to make improvement tweaks to the Kuva Guardians. When faced outside of The War Within quest, their mechanic required to turn them vulnerable has been met with some confusion.

As an overall change, Kuva Guardians are now easier to turn vulnerable, but will become tougher to kill once they are. 

Previously vulnerability flow was: 

  • Operator Void Blast to stun, then Void Dash when stunned to disarm their Kesheg and turn vulnerable.

NEW vulnerability flow:

  • No stun state required. Operator Void Blast OR Void Dash to disarm their Kesheg and turn vulnerable.

General Kuva Guardian Changes:

  • Increased base Health from 300 to 400.
  • Slightly increased the Fire Rate of their Twin Rogga .
  • Guardian Health type is now in line with the rest of Grineer.
  • Weaker against Heat and Viral but more resistant to Gas.
  • Added a pulsing red glow around Kuva Guardians for a few seconds to depict when they are vulnerable (similar to the Teralyst).

New Grineer and Corpus Articula!
All new poseable and scale models of both Grineer and Corpus foot soldiers!


  • Frontier Butcher 
  • Frontier Eviscerator 
  • Frontier Heavy Gunner 
  • Frontier Hellion 
  • Elite Frontier Lancer 
  • 2 Grineer Pose Sets!


  • Sniper Crewman 
  • Corpus Ranger 
  • Nul Comba 
  • Corpus Power Carrier 
  • Elite Crewman
  • 2 Corpus Pose Sets!

New Sukshma Decorations!
Decorate your Orbiter (or Dojo) with the exquisitely designed Sukshma Decorations that add luxury and class!

Until Thursday April 5 at 8 pm, hop over to the Market to get the Lepus Headgear for 5,000 Credits and the Easter Color Picker for 1 Credit!

Grineer Commander Switch Teleport Changes:
We’ve all been in that sudden situation when you’re Switch Teleported into an angry mob of Butchers happily thrashing at your face. Questions of ‘how did I get here?’, ‘who done did that to me?’ and ‘why me, Lotus, why?!’ are typically asked to oneself. The lack of warning or indication that a Commander Switch Teleport is about to occur can leave one confused and distraught, which is why we’ve made some changes to improve not only indication, but also ability to avoid!

  • Increased the Commander Switch Teleport cast time to 2 seconds instead of being almost instant, and added a casting sound indication.
  • Both Grineer Commander and his target will glow orange during his Switch Teleport cast.
  • Bullet Jumping or dodge rolling can now break you out of the Switch Teleport. Previously the only way to avoid being Switch Teleported is to kill the Commander while he is casting. 
  • Switch Teleport now delivers a Knockdown Status debuff after being teleported (unless Modded to avoid or minimize Knockdowns).

General Changes:

  • Survival Life Support Towers no longer have interval spawn scaling (90 seconds + 1 second per pillar), instead they will just spawn every 90 seconds.
  • More Visual Effect intensity changes to reduce visual noise from:
    • Quanta Energy cube explosions
    • Teralyst ability FX
    • Vomvalyst ability FX
  • Improved sound differentials between body and head hit notifications.
  • Removed option to Purchase/Gift items if there is a new Update available to download. This often resulted in errors due to mismatched versions trying to communicate. 
  • Upon taking damage, Kubrow Dens will now only spawn 4 Kubrows to defend their Den instead of an infinite amount. This fixes a potential for ‘infinite Kubrow spawns’ that has reared its head before.
  • Improved AI navigation on the Grineer Earth tileset by allowing AI to wade through water properly.
  • •    Changed the /offline Chat command to /dnd (Do not Disturb) to more accurately describe the mode. ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode will now auto decline game Invites and auto reply to private messages to indicate that you are unavailable (disable with the Chat command /normal). 


  • Fixed Rotation A in easy Defense missions rewarding Neo B4 Relic instead of the intended Lith H2 Relic. 
  • Fixed a loss of functionality for Clients that occured when loading into a mission from the Observatory if player from another Clan is in the Dojo when Observatory is constructed.
  • Fixed inability to invite a member to your squad after a mission is started from the Dojo Observatory.
  • Fixed joining a Fissure mission resulting in the Reactant UI counter being stuck at 0.
  • Fixed cases of the Eidolon Shrine Shard context action disappearing for Clients. 
  • Fixed being able to cast Warframe abilities on Pherliac Pods. 
  • Fixed cases of the Teralyst literally dissolving when killed with the Acrid.
  • Fixed being able to Scan objects once as a Warframe and then again as the Operator.
  • Fixed cases of being Revived in Spectator Mode in the Plains.
  • Fixed becoming stuck in Limbo’s Rift when attempting to enter Cetus by spamming roll while transitioning from the Plains.
  • Fixed being stuck in a perpetual loading state when accessing the Options menu while transitioning from Cetus to the Plains. 
  • Fixed Zephyr not entering her Bleedout state when charging up Tail Wind or hovering in the air with Tail Wind and becoming downed.
  • Fixed Limbo rolling instead of dashing after dismounting a Dargyn.
  • Fixed a long delay on Syndicate Medallion UI counter appearing.
  • Fixed persisting muffled sound when casting Ash’s Smoke Shadow Augment as reported here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/935041-smoke-screen-persisting-muffled-sound/
  • Fixed Syndicate Syandanas not appearing in the ‘MISC’ tab of their respective offerings.
  • Fixed a Storage Container in the Grineer Settlement tileset that was sunken into the ground.
  • Fixed a Corpus Container in the Corpus Gas City tileset spawning in wonky locations.
  • Fixed doors not rendering in the Corpus Outpost tileset. 
  • Fixed rock geometry poking through levels in the Corpus Outpost tileset. 
  • Fixed a teleport volume preventing Decoration placement in the Personal Quarters display case.
  • Fixed not being able to edit/move Decorations placed in certain spots in the Orbiter as reported here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/938350-cant-grab-a-decoration-which-placed-before-update/
  • Fixed missing teleport volumes in the Orokin Tower Extraction Scene. 
  • Fixed Blueprints displaying the objects Rank when viewed in your Inventory.
  • Fixed a Grineer standing still for easy pickins’ in Vor’s Prize.
  • More fixes towards Kubrows appearing much larger for Clients visiting an Orbiter.
  • Fixed the Operator blocking Mod screen UI when accessing it in Cetus.
  • Fixed Kavats equipped with Mischief appearing headless after a Host migration occured.
  • Fixed the flag for the Corpus Corporate Flag detaching when moving it around.
  • Fixed Clients getting a “Members have left” prompt when attempting to launch a mission from a Dojo Observatory.
  • Fixed hearing Incubator sounds when in the Arsenal or Mod menu.
  • Fixed hearing Foundry sounds when in the Foundry menu.
  • Fixed Eidolon Lens Blueprints missing their ‘Conversion’ text.
  • Fixed Star Chart Node information UI appearing off screen on 4K monitors.
  • Fixed Arcane description being partially cut off on the last line if it extends past the text area.
  • Fixed objective markers disappearing when underwater in Archwing.
  • Fixed line breaks in the wrong places for Arcane descriptions in some non-English languages.
  • Fixed the Trading text going outside the UI box when localized in French.
  • Fixed some Emblems and Sigils being Chat linkable.
  • Fixed darkly lit Archwing Arsenal.
  • Fixed a script error that occured when casting Atlas’ Rumblers or when his Rumbles died.
  • Fixed a script error when attempting to Mastery Rank Up while in the Syndicate screen.
  • Fixed a script error when joining an invalid session by invite.
  • Fixed a script error that occurred when your Sentinel died.
  • Fixed a script error that occurred after failing a Rescue mission.
  • Fixed a script error when modifying Chat Filters.

Shrine of the Eidolon: Hotfix


  • Fixed Endless Kuva Survival not rewarding ‘real’ Kuva to inventories.
    • We’re working on a retroactive healing to put missing earned Kuva in inventories. We will update you here! 
    • Pre-Hotfix missing Kuva has been retroactively given to affected accounts - please relog to receive!
  • Fixed the Scarab Syandana clipping through itself on numerous Warframes.
  • Fixed Founder screen in the Relay having wonky text depth.
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Pre-Hotfix missing Kuva has been retroactively given to affected accounts - please relog to receive!
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I can't believe I still have to post this to get your attention... Any kind of feedback would be appreciated, even if it's just a simple "we're aware of it".

Btw the Kuva survival gives ~8k/hr with a boost, that should be increased or at least scale.

Just tested it once: 30 minutes, 7600 Kuva (with the resource booster). Seems pretty okay actually.



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Thanks for the update! Wasn't looking forward to more Ikea  frame, but I wont deny I wont be happy my ship and dojo to look better xD.. These bunny years look awesome tbh. Aswell the endless kuva seems pretty meh,considering it doesn't scale : /. There aint reason to do it at all if flood is still gonna be more efficient just to be done. Like if at some point the harvest was getting more than flood it would be totally worth it to push harder but its meh.  Aswell on another note... any info on trials wold be appreciated. Thanks for the update again. 

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Is it time? Do we finally get....the ENDLESS KUVA?!?


WE DO!?!?!?


...I'm gonna go ahead and say it now, 200 per tower not scaling makes me wonder how much this is actually going to be played. Since I can blitz virtually every Kuva Siphon in 4 minutes or less for 600, then 200 per tower every 2-3 minutes doesnt really convince me to spend much time there... but I'll reserve final judgement until after running it (I'm not holding my breath though, seems the most request suggestion by the community for improving this game mode and making it viable and worthwhile to run was completely ignored)


Please look into specific amps being used to destroy Kuva Clouds in regular kuva siphons (and floods) causing the clouds to glitch out and no count towards destroying braids!!! (I thought this was fixed in the last update/hotfixes but it has not been)

Please adjust trade tax for Legendary arcanes to reflect the number of arcanes installed. 100k for a single legendary, 300k for a rank 1, 1 mil for rank 3

Please reduce the capacity that Articula take up for decoration space. Not much point adding almost a dozen new ones if we don't have any space to use them.


Note I have a resource doubler*

Endless results:

21 minutes in endless
5600 kuva from 14 towers

Regular starchart siphons

12 seconds load per mission regularly
3:07 - 1200
4:42 - 2400 (flood)
2:40 - 1200
3:07 - 1200

13:36 for 6k

about 14 minutes for 6k with loading time


It doesnt really seem too terribly worth it to run the endless over the regular missions. However, it should be noted that its feasible to run the endless in between the down time when you run out of regular siphon missions. Theres unfortunately no incentive to stay to any serious length of time in the endless though since it doesnt even keep up with regular siphon output. Scaling up the amount of Kuva per tower, or every 4th tower giving double the normal amount of Kuva, and only that 4th tower scaling up would make this more worthwhile to invest time into.




Ok so, a question I would like answered, is why exactly does DE think the playerbase wanted endless SCALING kuva?


For me, that answer was that it would in the end make rerolling rivens dozens, even hundreds of times, less of a chore. Rivens are already an RNG slot machine hell. You either are content with a few rolls where you get lucky as heck, or just say screw it and be happy with a single good stat on the riven.


I have had lucky rolls, but other times I'm rolling rivens anywhere from 40-80-110 times before its got the good stats I want. Farming Kuva just to throw it all away is not rewarding. Finally getting stats I want after 80 rolls does not give me any sort of "feel good" feeling, it's actually the opposite. I ask myself why I go through this feeling like an addicted idiot when someone else gets lucky on only a few rolls for the same or better stats. Endless scaling kuva would at least make getting to that 80th roll for mediocre-to-good stats not make me feel like a total idiot for having to dump as much time and suffering through the same thing again and again not be so bad.


Ideally, I would want to be able to dump 20k kuva into locking a stat on a riven permanantly while I reroll the other stats to have some semblemce of progression but I know that is probably too much to ask.

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Please allow endless kuva scaling.
Even if it isn't much at least give us some sort of incentive for staying long enough. :(


Edited by Oranji
Also, was the Inaros made in-house? 
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Nice new equipment.


Well, well well - we are entering April soon, there are 0 new weapons or frames (Excluding Prime), a lot more plat /money sinking and for some reason dodging the issue with Melee rework.

Tell you what - I don't mind cosmetics, but I do mind when there is a bit, fat thic content drought, lack of any information about the quest you kindly dropped just before New year, tossing more stuff in PoE, removing old content and low key pushing more Sims in SPACE as the narrative for WF. I have not skipped in buying skins (both deluxe and Tennogen), but this was in order to supplement the main attraction of the game, not the main attraction itself.

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Endless Kuva?  On the Fortress? It's about time. 

Sand boi skin's aight. 

*gets flashbacks to 50 kuva per filter on stream*

*dies inside*


15 minutes, 2200 Kuva... I'm not sure how I feel about this, it seems quite low.

Especially when we got to keep ZERO Kuva, of the 2200.  "Inventory issues", amirite?

At that rate, it's 5 minutes per 733 Kuva.  To reroll a riven at 10+ rolls, 3500 Kuva is required.  That means that we're obtaining Kuva at a rate of 25 minutes per reroll.  With a booster, it's 12.5 minutes per reroll.  With a Smeeta Kavat, it's anywhere between 6.25 - 12.5 minutes to reroll, depending on Charm's RNG.

This is not a sizeable improvement over the current rate of obtaining Kuva.  And it's certainly not worthy of being called 'endless' Kuva.

What seems to be quite a waste about this addition of endless Kuva, is that there's no increased reward for going longer.  If the Kuva Filter gave 100 extra Kuva per filter, every 20 minutes, that would be great.  As in, 0-20 minutes drops 200 Kuva per filter, 20-40 minutes drops 300 Kuva per filter, 40-60 minutes drops 400 Kuva per filter, etc.

Because currently, this is not endless Kuva.  It's 'go x amount of time until spawns and capsules slow down or enemies scale to be annoying/slow the mission down, and reset'.  There's no reason to go endless, no reward for sticking it out.  Just like every other starchart endless mission, a waste of a mode that could be truly 'endless'. 

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