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Shrine of the Eidolon: Update 22.17.0 +


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On 3/28/2018 at 5:31 PM, SordidDreams said:


Why is it a problem? They never stated these missions were supposed to replace siphons or floods. People dreamed up this false expectation that DE were updating and increasing how quickly kuva can be obtained, which is where this disappointment is coming from. Kuva Endless is an alternate way to obtain it, not some grand new mission type to invalidate the other methods.

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57 minutes ago, WhiteCr0w said:

Why is it a problem? They never stated these missions were supposed to replace siphons or floods. People dreamed up this false expectation that DE were updating and increasing how quickly kuva can be obtained, which is where this disappointment is coming from. Kuva Endless is an alternate way to obtain it, not some grand new mission type to invalidate the other methods.

The whole point, is that it's just an alternative, or a sidegrade.  And that's at best.  There's no improvement over the current system in this case.  Which means that it's a waste of the developers' time to have implemented, and they may as well not have bothered. 

I'm not going to lie and say that there was no expectation of increasing the rate at which Kuva could be obtained, but it was thought that the increase would be done in a way similar to endless survival fissures, where you have to have increasingly increasing risks and difficulty to continue to obtain it at a higher rate, what with the endlessly scaling enemies and constant life support maintenance.  Not that we'd get rewarded extra resources for nothing, but that we'd have to work for it. 

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1 hour ago, WhiteCr0w said:

What kind of logic is that? How do you get "endless" to mean "scaling"? The "endless" refers to the mission type. You know, the same mission type we've had for years now. You can stay in the mission for as long as you can handle, getting endless amounts of kuva. People are coming up with some weak ass arguments, defying logic and making up their own definitions of things.

14 hours ago, Atekron said:

do you realize that "endless" is indication of mission type, not an amount of kuva that you get?

Do you realise that going endlessly in the Kuva survival will net you endless Kuva, so theoretically 'endless' does apply to Kuva, as well. 


Do you realise that the new system is nowhere near an improvement over the old one, or even a sidegrade, and as such is a waste of development resources? 

That's mainly what I'm annoyed about.  Flood-hopping and Siphon-hopping can net you more Kuva than the Kuva survival can, in any amount of comparative time spent.  As such, the new system is a downgrade to the old one, which defeats the purpose of implementing it in the first place. 

That's only considering the amount of Kuva.  Given that there's 20-30 seconds of downtime between each filter completion and tower spawn, Kuva survival fits the bill of a 'hurry up and wait' game mode, which raids were highly criticised for being.  That's another nuisance of it. 


Do you also realise that it's not realistically an 'endless' mission?  By technicality, it is theoretically endless, because it can go on indefinitely.  However, the most efficient way to farm it will be by going for some time between 20-40 minutes, as there's no point in fighting tougher enemies for the same reward that can be obtained from fighting weaker enemies.  As such, it is not worth running endlessly.  However, if there were increasing rewards per time spent in the mission, it would be ran endlessly by players, and would be considered practically endless, since it would be worth running endlessly. 

This is something that DE seems to be fully capable of, but almost entirely unwilling to implement.  Endless fissures are the only example of successfully implemented endless missions in Warframe, and even then, they're limited by when and where they appear (of course, this is at the expense of the old void key system, which had a far more efficient method of reward scaling, but I digress).  If a similar type of reward scaling like that of endless fissures were implemented across the endless missions of Warframe, people would run them endlessly, with the Kuva survival being no exception to this. 


Everyone's just saying the same thing over and over, on both sides of the fence. 

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1 hour ago, WhiteCr0w said:

Why is it a problem? They never stated these missions were supposed to replace siphons or floods. People dreamed up this false expectation that DE were updating and increasing how quickly kuva can be obtained, which is where this disappointment is coming from. Kuva Endless is an alternate way to obtain it, not some grand new mission type to invalidate the other methods.

Because the siphons and floods are in dire need of replacing, and adding a more monotonous kuva mission type that also awards less kuva is completely pointless. I for one wasn't excited because I thought I was going to get tons of kuva, I was excited because I thought I'd finally have a reason to play in the Kuva Fortess while getting a decent amount. But no. It's a small amount of kuva, and apparently they also removed some of the more interesting tiles. So yeah.

Yes, people dreamed up the idea that we were going to get a faster kuva farm, but that kinda makes sense given that survival is one of the hardest mission types if you keep going long enough. Hard mission, big reward. Makes sense to me. But apparently not to DE. Or to you.

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3 hours ago, MirageKnight said:

Yeah - it's clear what some players want - to be rewarded for being tryhards. An incentive to keep slogging away against exponentially scaling difficulty.

The more interesting question is what if what you all want isn't actually good for the game and its players and the devs know better in this instance?

So...the devs have to do this because "everyone" wants this and because you say so. 

Sorry but...weak argument there.

What wrong with being a tryhard, man? There's room for both tryhards and casuals.

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On 28/03/2018 at 3:49 PM, [DE]Megan said:

Santuário do Eidolon: Atualização 22.17.0


Um deus entre os mortais. Um rei entre os Warframes. Ascenda o trono e torne-se Inaros Ramses.

Uma espada forjada por um faraó. Conceda a forma desta lâmina curva a qualquer espada longa de uma mão.

A assinatura Syandana de Inaros Ramses.

ao trono e torne-se Inaros Ramses com esta coleção. Inclui o poderoso Inaros Ramses Skin, o crescente Kopesh Longsword Skin e o Scarab Syandana.

Um capacete único para a Nezha.

Novo Gamemode: Sobrevivência Infinita de Kuva!
Infinito Kuva Survival traz um toque de escavação / defesa, mantendo a intensidade da sobrevivência. Este modo de jogo oferece aos jogadores um caminho muito requisitado para adquirir o Kuva fora da mecânica Sifão / Flood, e na apropriadamente chamada Kuva Fortress! Os jogadores, tanto públicos quanto solo, agora equilibram o risco e a recompensa ao sacrificarem suas torres de apoio à vida por preciosos Kuva.

A actual Kuva atribuída por Kuva Harvester de sucesso está fixada em 200. Uma multiplicidade de corridas de testes e estatísticas adquiridas mostraram que 200 Kuva estavam seguramente entre as missões Kuva Syphon e Kuva Flood. Este valor não está definido - estamos ansiosos para ler o seu feedback das suas próprias jogadas! 

Como funciona:

  • Taveuni na Fortaleza de Kuva é agora o novo lar da Sobrevivência Infinita de Kuva. 
  • Um inimigo marcado carregando um Kuva Catalyst irá aparecer por Life Support Tower.
  • Pegando este Kuva Catalyst e simplesmente caminhando até uma Torre de Suporte de Vida inativa, transforma a Torre de Suporte de Vida em um Coletor de Kuva. Agora você deve proteger este Kuva Harvester por 1 minuto (como indicado na sua interface do usuário), pois os inimigos agora vão logicamente e com força tentar destruí-lo. Se eles conseguirem destruir o Kuva Harvester, você perderá o Kuva e a Life Support Tower.
  • Quando o Kuva Harvester estiver completo, 200 Kuva são concedidos a todos! Os Kuva Harvesters concluídos também dão uma pequena porcentagem do Suporte de Vida para ajudar na sua Sobrevivência literal.
    • Vale a pena notar que este 200 Kuva é concedido da mesma forma que as missões Kuva Syphon / Flood, em oposição a uma gota de garrafa de ajuda Kuva kool física que foi proposta no Dev Workshop como. Ou seja, você não precisa retornar à Torre para fisicamente pegar seu Kuva, ele é instantaneamente premiado (ainda afetado por Boosters e Smeeta Charm). 

Confira o Dev Workshop completo aqui para exemplos e FAQ:

Melhorias na Sobrevivência da Fortaleza Kuva:

  • Removidos azulejos de Kuva Fortress, apertados e em forma de labirinto, que se sentiam inadequados para uma Endless Survival com um toque de escavação / defesa.
  • Adicionou um azulejo reforçado da Fortress Defense à Kuva Fortress Survival com melhor navegação inimiga e áreas atravessáveis. 
  • Melhoria no fluxo de spawn inimigo e navegação nos tilesets da Kuva Fortress Survival.

Mudanças do Guardião de Kuva:
À luz de todas essas mudanças em torno de Kuva, achamos necessário fazer ajustes de melhoria para os Guardiões de Kuva. Quando confrontados fora da missão The War Within, seu mecânico necessário para torná-los vulneráveis foi recebido com alguma confusão.

Como uma mudança geral, os Guardiões Kuva agora são mais fáceis de se tornarem vulneráveis, mas se tornarão mais difíceis de matar quando estiverem. 

Anteriormente o fluxo de vulnerabilidade era: 

  • Operator Void Blast para stun, então Void Dash quando atordoado para desarmar seu Kesheg e se tornar vulnerável.

NOVO fluxo de vulnerabilidade:

  • Nenhum estado de atordoamento requerido. Operator Void Blast OU Void Dash para desarmar seu Kesheg e ficar vulnerável.

Mudanças do general Kuva Guardian:

  • Aumento da saúde básica de 300 para 400.
  • Aumentou ligeiramente a taxa de fogo de seu Twin Rogga.
  • O tipo Guardian Health está agora alinhado com o resto do Grineer.
  • Mais fraco contra o calor e viral, mas mais resistente ao gás.
  • Adicionado um brilho vermelho pulsante em torno de Kuva Guardians por alguns segundos para retratar quando eles são vulneráveis (semelhante ao Teralyst).

New Grineer e Corpus Articula!
Todos os novos modelos posíveis e em escala dos soldados de infantaria Grineer e Corpus!


  • Açougueiro da fronteira 
  • Eviscerador de fronteira 
  • Artilheiro Pesado Frontier 
  • Frontier Hellion 
  • Lancer de fronteira de elite 
  • 2 conjuntos de pose Grineer!


  • Atirador de Sniper 
  • Guarda de Corpus 
  • Nul Comba 
  • Portador de energia de Corpus 
  • Tripulante de elite
  • 2 conjuntos de pose de corpus!

Novas Decorações Sukshma!
Decore o seu Orbiter (ou Dojo) com as Decorações Sukshma primorosamente concebidas que adicionam luxo e classe!

Até quinta-feira, 5 de abril, às 20h, embarque no Mercado para obter o Lepus Headgear por 5.000 Credits e o Easter Color Picker por 1 crédito !

Grineer Commander Switch Teletransporte Mudanças:
Todos nós estivemos nessa situação repentina quando você é Switch Teletransportado para uma multidão enfurecida de Açougueiros se debatendo alegremente em seu rosto. Perguntas sobre "como eu cheguei aqui?", "Quem fez isso para mim?" e 'por que eu, Lotus, por quê ?!' são normalmente solicitados a si mesmo. A falta de aviso ou indicação de que um Commander Switch Teleport está prestes a ocorrer pode deixar alguém confuso e perturbado, e é por isso que fizemos algumas mudanças para melhorar não só a indicação, mas também a capacidade de evitar!

  • Aumentou o tempo de conversão do Commander Switch Teleport para 2 segundos, em vez de ser quase instantâneo, e adicionou uma indicação de som de transmissão.
  • Tanto Grineer Commander quanto seu alvo brilharão em laranja durante seu elenco de Switch Teleport.
  • Bullet Jumping or dodge rolling agora pode te tirar do Switch Teleport. Anteriormente, a única maneira de evitar o Switch Teleported é matar o Commander enquanto ele está lançando. 
  • O Switch Teleport agora oferece um debuff do status Knockdown após ser teletransportado (a menos que modificado para evitar ou minimizar Knockdowns).

Mudanças Gerais:

  • As Torres de Suporte à Vida de Sobrevivência não têm mais desnível de desdobramento de intervalo (90 segundos + 1 segundo por pilar), em vez disso, elas serão geradas a cada 90 segundos.
  • Mais mudanças de intensidade do efeito visual para reduzir o ruído visual de:
    • Explosões do Cubo de Energia Quanta
    • Teralyst capacidade FX
    • Vomvalyst capacidade FX
  • Melhores diferenciais de som entre as notificações de acerto de corpo e cabeça.
  • Opção removida para itens de compra / presente se houver uma nova atualização disponível para download. Isso muitas vezes resultou em erros devido a versões incompatíveis tentando se comunicar. 
  • Ao receber dano, Kubrow Dens agora só irá gerar 4 Kubrows para defender seu Den em vez de uma quantidade infinita. Isso conserta um potencial para 'spawns infinitos de Kubrow' que já surgiram antes .
  • Melhoria da navegação AI no tileset Earth Grineer, permitindo que o AI percorra a água adequadamente.
  • • Alterou o comando / Chat offline para / dnd (Não perturbe) para descrever com mais precisão o modo. O modo 'Não perturbe' agora recusará automaticamente o jogo Convida e responde automaticamente a mensagens privadas para indicar que você não está disponível (desative com o comando Bate-papo / normal ). 

Correções :

  • Rotação Fixa A em missões de Defesa Fácil recompensando a Neo B4 Relic em vez da Relícula Lith H2 pretendida. 
  • Corrigida uma perda de funcionalidade para Clientes que ocorreram ao carregar em uma missão do Observatório se o jogador de outro Clã estiver no Dojo quando o Observatório for construído.
  • Corrigido incapacidade de convidar um membro para o seu esquadrão depois que uma missão é iniciada a partir do Dojo Observatory.
  • Consertado juntar-se a uma missão Fissure resultando no contador Reactant UI sendo preso em 0.
  • Casos corrigidos da ação de contexto Eidolon Shrine Shard desaparecendo para os clientes. 
  • Corrigido o poder de conjurar habilidades de Warframe em Pherliac Pods. 
  • Casos fixos do Teralyst literalmente se dissolvendo quando mortos com o Acrid.
  • Consertado ser capaz de escanear objetos uma vez como Warframe e depois como Operador.
  • Casos fixos de ser Revivido no Modo Espectador nas Planícies.
  • Corrigido se tornando preso no Rift do Limbo ao tentar entrar no Cetus por spam enquanto fazia a transição das Planícies.
  • Corrigido estar preso em um estado perpétuo de carregamento ao acessar o menu Opções durante a transição do Cetus para o Plains. 
  • Corrigido Zephyr não entrando em seu estado Bleedout ao carregar o Tail Wind ou pairando no ar com o Tail Wind e sendo derrubado.
  • Corrigido Limbo rolando em vez de correr depois de desmontar um Dargyn.
  • Corrigido um longo atraso na exibição do contador Syndicate Medallion UI.
  • Corrigido persistente som abafado ao lançar o aumento de sombra de fumaça de Ash como relatado aqui: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/935041-smoke-screen-persisting-muffled-sound/
  • Corrigidas syandanas Syndicate não aparecendo na aba 'MISC' de suas respectivas ofertas.
  • Corrigido um container de armazenamento no tileset do Grineer Settlement que estava afundado no chão.
  • Consertou um contêiner de Corpus na fábrica da Corpus Gas City em locais instáveis.
  • Portas fixas não são renderizadas no tileset Corpus Outpost. 
  • Geometria de rocha fixa percorrendo os níveis no bloco Corpus Outpost. 
  • Corrigido um volume de teletransporte que impedia o posicionamento da Decoração no gabinete do Personal Quarters.
  • Corrigido não poder editar / mover Decorações colocadas em certos pontos no Orbiter como relatado aqui: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/938350-cant-grab-a-decoration-which-placed-before-update/
  • Corrigidos volumes de teleporte ausentes na cena de extração da torre Orokin. 
  • Corrigidos Blueprints exibindo os objetos Rank quando visualizados em seu Inventário.
  • Consertou um Grineer parado para pegar facilmente o Prêmio Vor.
  • Mais correções para o Kubrows aparecem muito maiores para os clientes que visitam um Orbiter.
  • Corrigida a interface de usuário da Tela de bloqueio do operador ao acessá-la no Cetus.
  • Corrigidos Kavats equipados com Mischief aparecendo sem cabeça após a ocorrência de uma migração do Host.
  • Corrigido o sinalizador do Corpus Corporate Flag quando se deslocava.
  • Fixed Clients obtendo um prompt “Members have left” ao tentar lançar uma missão a partir de um Dojo Observatory.
  • Audição fixa Sons da incubadora quando no menu Arsenal ou Mod.
  • Audição fixa O Foundry soa quando no menu Foundry.
  • Fixo Eidolon Lens Blueprints sem o texto "Conversão".
  • Corrigida a interface do usuário do Star Chart Node que aparece fora da tela nos monitores 4K.
  • Corrigida a descrição do Arcano sendo parcialmente cortada na última linha se ela ultrapassar a área de texto.
  • Marcadores objetivos fixos desaparecendo quando debaixo d'água em Archwing.
  • Corrigidas quebras de linha nos lugares errados para descrições de Arcano em alguns idiomas não ingleses.
  • Corrigido o texto comercial saindo da caixa de interface do usuário quando localizado em francês.
  • Corrigido alguns Emblemas e Sigilos sendo Chat vinculável.
  • Corrigido Arsenal Archwing sombriamente iluminado.
  • Corrigido um erro de script que ocorria ao lançar Atlas 'Rumblers ou quando seus Rumbles morreram.
  • Corrigido um erro de script ao tentar fazer um Rank de Maestria na tela do Syndicate.
  • Corrigido um erro de script ao ingressar em uma sessão inválida por convite.
  • Corrigido um erro de script que ocorreu quando seu Sentinela morreu.
  • Corrigido um erro de script que ocorria após a falha de uma missão do Rescue.
  • Corrigido um erro de script ao modificar os filtros de bate-papo.

Santuário do Eidolon: Hotfix


  • Corrigido a Sobrevivência Infinita de Kuva não recompensando Kuva 'real' a inventários.
    • Estamos trabalhando em uma cura retroativa para colocar Kuva perdido em inventários. Vamos atualizá-lo aqui! 
    • Pre-Hotfix faltando Kuva foi retroativamente dado às contas afetadas - por favor, relog para receber!
  • Corrigido o clip Scarab Syandana através de si mesmo em numerosos Warframes.
  • Tela Fixed Founder no Relay, com profundidade de texto instável.

Ridículo! 30 min com booster 7800 kuvas.


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The Inaros collection and Nezha's helmet are a very welcomed surprise, I loved it! 

Kuva Survival is nice, but if it could scale it would be nice since we would enjoy that challenge/reward gamble that we lost since void keys were gone. 

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K so.

The Ramses skin needs greater color saturation - its metallic channels virtually don't color at all.


Kuva Survival: It needs to be more lucrative, but it appears to function ok and I like what it does for making Nekros and Hydroid relevant. That being said, the issues: Atlas' Ore Gaze augment needs to have its nerf reversed so he can properly partake as a viable looter option too. And take another look at some of the tiles, some are still ridiculous rat mazes. 


Also I still stand by that you guys need to put some amount of Kuva into all the missions on the tileset. One mission outside of siphons is nice, but this is a really easy opportunity to breathe life into the dead content that is the rest of the Kuva Fortress. And as I'm sure you've seen more than enough proof of at this point: we're far happier with updates that revive existing content more than obligatory new additions simply for the sake of new additions.

The caches in Exterminate can be added to all of the non-endless missions, with ~600 Kuva in the reward tables replacing some of the credit and Endo rewards. Give the Spy vaults this same treatment, and put some similar Kuva rewards into the A and B rotations of the Defense, and we'd be set. 

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8 hours ago, Yurinaga said:

There's no such thing as a one-handed longsword! Those are two-handed.

Actually, the term "longsword" is an ambiguous and non-historical one, applied to anything from broadswords to hand-and-a-half swords. It is also a term mainly used in fiction, games and movies, not by historians.

I could go into full pedantic mode on the kopesh shape as well, but that wouldn't really be constructive.

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On 3/28/2018 at 1:50 PM, Giantconch said:

Ideally, I would want to be able to dump kuva into locking a stat on a riven permanantly while I reroll the other stats to have some semblemce of progression

I agree completely on this! its a major pain in the neck when RNG is constantly trolling you with lousy rolls while laughing its head off at you for making the efforts. Personally it feels like the RNG is actually a biased system when it comes to rivens (or even drops in general if you are after certain blueprints). Yes there are things intended to have higher rarities than other items in the game, I get that. But even so we already have the problems of: 1. being limited to only one real avenue of getting rivens; 2. That method can only be done once daily and more often than not will troll you with sculptures, endo, or a little kuva.

Honestly, I don't care if it increased the kuva cycle fee, added credit/resource costs or whatever, having the ability to lock down riven stats would be a welcome and much-needed change. Plus it "might" even help reduce the crazy pricing so frequently seen in trade.

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On 3/28/2018 at 8:49 PM, --Q--Voltage said:

Endless Kuva doesn't scale and has no incentive for players to push harder? There is no reason to touch this gamemode as a Flood is more efficient. It is like playing a Defense Fissure for 1 hour, or 1 hour worth of Exterminate Fissures. It took over a year for Kuva to actually make it to the Fortress and it doesn't offer any reason to push yourself.

Back to Rainbow Six: Siege it is.

Thanks for sharing that. Please go back to R6, sprinkle the salt over there.

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8 hours ago, WhiteCr0w said:

Why is it a problem? They never stated these missions were supposed to replace siphons or floods. People dreamed up this false expectation that DE were updating and increasing how quickly kuva can be obtained, which is where this disappointment is coming from. Kuva Endless is an alternate way to obtain it, not some grand new mission type to invalidate the other methods.

Despite the fact that I agree on how people perceived it, setting themselves up for failure, I do wholeheartedly believe this is one of the only games I've ever played in my entire life that has such awful rewards and ways of making the player feel like their time was wasted (aside from Elite:Dangerous, although at least it will reward you more for assassinating a high value target it's still not nearly what it should be). It feels like the "lottery" that Steve (was it him? IIRC it was) spoke about on the documentary is realized into the game but doesn't require the players spending plat, just their time. 30 minutes in the mission with enemies capable of 1-shotting 98% of the frames... have 3,000 credits. Want to gamble another 5 minutes at a chance to get 400 endo? 


I can't speak for everyone, but it just really, really, really sucks when you invest your time, heart, soul, and real life currency into a game that just continues to miss the mark. Would it kill them to have worthwhile rewards when you're putting forth the time in their game? Log in rewards are total garbage, every single thing is RNG with some of the most sadistic chances possible (MR21 and just got a Condition Overload last week, still don't have despair/detron/brakk). A riven, with the same "common" drop category as "Ayatan Anasa" actually drop much less than the rare/uncommon rewards on sorties. I haven't received a riven in probably 14 sorties but have received kuva, endo, and Anasa's. 


Anyhow, their tactics of keeping people playing only takes advantage of the people who have addiction issues in my eyes, the obsessed ones. Whereas if they just rewarded people for playing instead of "luring" them into playing there would be so many more people that play and stay playing. Those are my thoughts, and though they're not all about the Kuva farming it all kind of ties together.

"we have xxx registered players.... but only x play... what are we doing wrong?" - reward your players, make them feel appreciated and special, not common. 

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" The current Kuva awarded per successful Kuva Harvester is set at 200. A plethora of test runs and acquired stats showed that 200 Kuva sat safely in between Kuva Siphon and Kuva Flood missions. This value is not set in stone - we are eager to read your feedback from your own playthroughs!"     Do people not read this very important line when complaining about a recent update?   Kuva Survival is NOT replacing Siphons or Floods, they are simply giving what people asked for.. which was a way to get an endless amount of Kuva. If you are fine to continue floods, do so. This is for the people that don't want to run in and out of missions, and don't want to be wrecked because of bad kuva placements or whatever other reason. People love survivals, so they put a NEEDED resource into a loved part of content. DE are just doing what they think is best, and what the community wants, while not making the game really easy. So I whole-heartedly agree, this is a good update, and I think 200 is fine, it's not too much or too little.

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13 часов назад, MirageKnight сказал:

Yeah - it's clear what some players want - to be rewarded for being tryhards. An incentive to keep slogging away against exponentially scaling difficulty.

The more interesting question is what if what you all want isn't actually good for the game and its players and the devs know better in this instance?


It's also the same people who promote endless repetitive grind and promote endless events/endurance runs where you have to squat for 1 to 5 hours in a single run in a single mission to get rewards/trophies/clan affinity cause for some freaking reason you can't do 50 runs for 5 minutes you have to make one run that last hours. Yeaaah they totally "know better".

There's literally NO reason for rewards NOT to scale. It doesn't mean however that they should scale into infinity like enemy levels. Doing 40-60 minutes survival is literally nothing. If you call people doing just barely - ffs - more than 20 minutes runs with enemies under lv 200 or so tryhards maybe you should consider playing candy crash instead. It doesn't seem you want to even lift a finger when you play the game so why bother then? 

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The endless kuva certainly needs better incentive.  I've run it enough by now where I've earned roughly 100k, but the sad thing is it all got wasted on bad rolls.

GG.  I'm already back to playing other games.  Try to find better ways to keep us motivated, please.

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Thanks for the kuva survival/excavation mix! Lot's of action

The way it works is great, it could have improvements sure (wish new life support would start as soon as the last kuva one is done for exemple) but it remove the problems i had with normal survivals where players scatter all over the map giving all spawns to 1 or 2 players while the rest have nothing to kill and it remove the snoozefest survival camping . 

Really great work.

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Just tried the new Kuva Survival. 32 minutes, 3400 kuva (no boosters, and apparently no luck with smeetha eighter). Meant to be a challenge, this new mission feels totally unrewarding (30 minutes for not even the amount of 3 floods) (yes, it could have been a little more but the life support bugged few times and didn't accept the kuva thing using the tower as normal life support, even at 98% support) and not even a challenge. I like survivals but zzz this was too easy. Make it way harder and with way better rewards. Not every content in the game need to be able to be completed by low rank players. Give us a challenge with a proper reward.

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En 29/3/2018 a las 13:05, White_Matter dijo:

Why make the whole skin of Inaros metallic and the sword and syndana matte ? Makes absolutely no sense or whatsoever.

I think DE needs to urgently implement the option to change the texture(metallic to matte or vice versa) on surfaces of frames and weapons and attachments to make color matching possible.

Fashion frame is a big deal.

+1 all this.
 a idea can be a colour palete  ( or something like that ) wich can make  metallic ( like octavia or mag delux ) or " normal " texture  and others styles..
But anyway i love alot more the full metallic skins

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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