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Possible Account Glitch


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Hey, so I'm quite new to Warframe and I've been experiencing some pretty nasty issues.
firstly whenever i complete a mission, i do not get to keep any of the mods i have acquired, after any mission has been completed some of my mods are automatically removed off my weapons and warframe. 
I also have recently tried to reset my account, in the hopes to remove these issues so i can play like everyone else.
But sadly i am unable to reset my account either...

What is happening?
How is it fixed?

Any help would be much appreciated.

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this is honestly the first time i have heard of issues this severe.

not much we can do here on the forum, save for tell you to send in a support ticket.

ill give you the benefit of the doubt somewhat, but ill be disappointed if you are just reading things wrong and there is nothing wrong with anything (reading the mod list forgetting that they changed the way they are ordered now).

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