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Operation: Unable To Invite


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It's all well and good that we get more points by having more members around to call up more scouts to capture, but when you can't invite a single dang person due to matchmaking's horrible...just...agh. 


-insert several long minutes of silence-


Sorry, my rage caused me to lose consciousness.


Regardless, this operation is rather hateful toward people with the issue of being unable to host corpus voids or missions in general. Yes you can beg for people to take you along to corpus voids, but the best way to get the points NECESSARY to get the rewards you need to host missions with a full squad. Not only can I not invite people at the moment, the laptop I play with likes to disconnect people as we go into the mission. Now, the disconnect is probably my laptop's fault, but could something please be done about 'session unavailable', 'session full' and 'unable to invite' stuff?

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