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Extreme Lagging


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Hi sir / Ma'am,im not sure if this is the right thread but im gonna post


Ive been experiencing EXTREME lagging with all hosts


Theres a lot of types of lags ive been experiencing,but id like to point this out first


When theres a lot of Enemies,the lag STARTS to cover everywhere but after the enemies are gone or lesser enemies are there,lesser lag or no more lag appears


The lag is not about delays or something like that,its just my team mates are shooting while standing then teleporting away,then enemies dont die when i shoot at them ( or atleast their healthbar doesnt show correctly)


But it seems like nobody lags hard when i host,even asked my friends


I also dont really noticed this problem or i didnt had this problem WHEN i started,6 months ago,i remember having this problem 1 or 3 months ago

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