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Clan Tab Doesn't Work


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When I right click my name in the clan tab to try and leave it, there is no pop-up window at all.


I am also unable to see names of the other clan member, so I can't ask them to boot me out.


Strangely enough, I still can invite people into the clan, and my friend who just joined says, that nobody from the clan was online in 50 days or so.


The name of the clan is "Nyan-cat society". I joined it on a whim few months ago. I only have soldier rank there (not a warlord) - my friend checked that for me, because I can't see the clan's interface at all.


I can post a screenshot of the bugged interface if you wish need it, but there's nothing to see - just an emply "Clan" tab with no names or items or functions on it.


Dear DE, please help - being unable to leave this clan is making me unable to join others, ruining the game experience for me.

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try left clicking?

never tried to leave my clan, so not sure how to go about it...


Left click doesn't work either.


The problem is in the interface itself. I would like to get help from game developers themselves, because users can't help me, unfortunately.

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I would like to remind the developers that it is a game breaking bug we are dealing with.


Being unable to join any clans seriously ruin the game for me, not only because I cannot play with my friends, but also because of this bug I cannot get access to exclusive dojo weapons.


This is a very serious issue, gentlemen. Please consider looking into my problem as soon as possible. Thank you.

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