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What Happend To The Founders Package?


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it was bugged Friday as well, came up a few hours later.

I was trying to buy the hunter pack, but kept getting "no params for 1220" error pop-up box when clicking buy now.


I tried all the packs, 3 different browsers and 3 different computers, 2 of them from different locations.


I wouldn't worry OP, they will come back up soon.


If you just want plat now, try the regular plat packs, I'm sure they will work for you.

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I upgraded mine from basic to second tier 2 hours ago. worked fine for me at least. Btw, my profile still doesn't recognize the update.

I think.

EDIT: Oh wait, it's there :P kudos.

eh? you could upgrade founders?

how does it works?

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