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Suggestion On The Semiauto


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Using semiauto guns we have got to click an enormous amount of times in an attempt to drive out the full potential of the gun during boss hunting or while exterminating tight packed hordes of mobs. Some people have already offered an option of a button that will basically turn our gun into fully auto regime for they cannot unleash the full potential of the gun due to dependancy on their computers ability and internet connection (mouse wheel rollers hello) or their hands simply hurt no matter how they love their guns.

 But this option will basically eliminate the differences between the semi and full auto therefore i suggest making the auto option a skill like sprint that depletes stamina. In order to prevent overuse of this option we can just increase the expence of the stamina on this skill like twice the stamina sprint requiers. This measure will help semiauto lovers mow down tough enemies at the 100% of the efficiency and prevent overuse.

Your opinions? *and sorry for my english - not my native language*

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