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Event Feedback [Competitive Gameplay]


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after hours days of running into lasers and moastomping I finally got some time to give some feedback.





1.  We have got too many ranked events, an event every 2nd week is just too hard for people who try to defend their ranking.

Maybe 90% of the community is not affected by this, but this doesn't mean its a good idea to drop these nosleep-energydrink-hardgrind events ever 2nd week. Once in a month, for example every 1st weekend would be better, everybody would know what's going on and would be able to manage his reallife much better. 



2.  We have got too long ranked Events, 6 days and even 3 days events are too long. 

Three days ranking leads to a total unhealthy lifestyle, nearly no sleep, drug abuse...ongoing.

Yes, 90% of the community is not affected by this too, but keep in mind that someone wants to be #1  and maybe it's everybody's own decision but I see the first dead guys. This is no sarcasm or a joke you are really risking the health of your customers here. 



3. Events with the possibility to push one player with a group by farming points while a other group farms the keys for the player.

A normal 4 Player group has no chance against such a system. Just look on the difference in points  between the top 20 players.  



4. We need a total progress bar from the beginning. It's not okay to let top10-focused players grope in the dark on how long they have to keep their berserklike killing mania and how they have to manage sleeptime,ect. ... and how far they want to go. 



Something like this: 










5. We need clear and easy rules how the point system works:

1 guy captured = 1 point, 2 guys captured = 2 points ...

Ok it is clear ...ohh wait, 4kills--->3 group members 4 keys ...1 gets 5 keys    WTF  ...why ????

What kind of ranking is this, if some guys get more keys than others because of ...the gods of randomness blessed him. 

Or is the system that complex, that my whole clan wasn't able to solve this riddle?





The base idea was cool but, we need some changes or the leaderboard will not show the best players, but 

the gamers with the biggest brain damage (I am no exception).



Ps: Please, give us some top 100 rewards  we ripped our asses open for this event.  



thanks for reading

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2.  We have got too long ranked Events, 6 days and even 3 days events are too long. 


Cannot stress this enough.


Ranked things should take place over a matter of hours in a fair, timed setting.


IE: Imagine a weekend event where the Tenno had to cumulatively survive a million survival missions. (This would be the community goal.) At the end of the event ranking was decided by the highest score (skills/time/combos, or whatever) in a single run. Clan rankings would be decided by each clan member's best run.


The week/weekend would be plenty of time for everyone to try, but the actual time needed to rank could be as little as one mission if you were confident in your score. 


edit: Clarity.

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4 of us played for just over 7 hours to make sure we all got all of the new mods. All you could hear on Skype was "fking laser doors" over and over and over. Then "i don't want to play Warframe anymore" over and over and over again. None of us continued playing once this was finished and none of us have been back since. I doubt any of us + my brother who came online so we could show him what to do and set himself up for a 7 hour grind fest. He said "fck that lol" and logged off. "I don't need any mod that badly" he said.


Were pretty much done with Warframe now. 7 of us in total that played Warframe together. We all agreed that this was awful and felt forced into doing it to get the new mods. The lasting effect at the end of the day was awful though. I have since spent money on another game. Brother and 2 of the friends also bought new games. We will play Warframe again I think but never in this way again as it is very damaging and ruins all good feelings you might have for a game.


Laser doors. DE_Steve has been aware of this for months and refused to do anything about it. Annoy gamers and punish them or make good gameplay. Have fun with the main man in charge. Mr_DE_Steve. Won't tell you our new nickname for him. I'll just get banned.

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Thx to antimab to put that things to the point.


I don't see the necessity of an real-time event that lasts that much days! I can see the development to more and more events that lasts even longer, a week or more! We are all human beings (more or less) and have to work, eat and a social life.

I had not the big time for this event and felt sad about the fact that i cant help my clan mates. But with this event i was a littlebit relieved of my busy time! 

I can only say this strategy of hardcore-long-lasting events ruins professional play in this game!


So sign for Antimab and a good sleep for all people who worked their a**es of to the community




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I am not a Hardcore game anyome (due to family), but i agree to this points. For those who have great ambition AND time, this will be very unhealthy in the long run :).


How about chanigng event mechanics away from pure quantity to quality ?


For Example 100m Sprint in the Olympics. Its not how often you have run the 100 m sprint for you total way runned (i run 700 times the 100m so my score is 70k m), but your best time...


So retrospective for this event

How many Scouts you can capture in 1 hour...and the player decides when he tries to score.

Future Events like how many lvl 70 Grinner can you kill in a special 1hour endless Event Mission ?


Of course always with casual Goals for Daddys like me, but also something "healthy" for our Top Guns...this way even a Top Gun can go out for 2 Hours before attempting another try (when already scored good)...no need to feel guilty..oh no i got asleep for 2 hours...

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pleas make the event not so long about 6 Days it is to hard 6days non stop to play you will going to die make the event over 3 day beacuse from Friday til sunday that´s einghouth


Three days was too long for that kind of play to start with.


(...Also you might want to get some sleep.)

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