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[Open World Concept] Usurper of Ceres - Capital of the Grineer

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-= Intro =-

Ceres, mainly used by the grineer for all their factories, mines and cloning facilities. This planet was once taken over by the Grineer long ago and now serves as the “capital” of the Grineer empire. Here you can find the Council of the Grineer, the Formorian Fleet construction sites, the infamous Ceres mining sites and the official capital city of the grineer called Grah ‘Uhr. Here most grineer are born and raised into combat, prepared for the toughest of trials. Nearby the city you can find the cloning facilities and the Grineer Research Facility of the former boss and researcher, Tengus.

The Grineer live in a monarchy, this means that there is always one which rules them all, in the Grineers case these are the Queens. You can see the grineer as a chessboard. Their unfair play can be perfectly summarised by the fact that they have 2 Queens to wipe away every other piece from the board. But what happens if one of the Queens falls? A new piece is put on the board, one that is not respected as the great ruler of the empire, but one that is respected by its power and leadership capabilities. The Queens always choose one grineer that rises above all else, their King piece, the one that keeps all Grineer in check and makes sure they stay under the right guidance. General Ghar Zal, Grineer “king” and ruler of Ceres, is the most dangerous Grineer of them all. He has been awakened from his Cryo sleep that keeps his DNA structure in check after the death of one of the Queens. This tyrant has set all resources of Ceres to finish the final part of the Formorian fleet, the Formorian Star, the first grineer ship that has 1/8th of the Void Jump capabilities of the old Orokin spacecrafts.

The steel meridian have set up a small Base near the city, still sitting their undetected. They have waited for the moment the King would rise again, they have asked your help to disrupt the Grineer and eventually break into the Fortress of Grah Zal to put an end to him and stop the new Formorian ship from being build. Assist the Steel Meridian in making a major blow into the plans of the Grineer and kill the most powerful Grineer general to bring down the moral of the Empire.


-= Locations =-

Freedoms Cradle:

Freedoms Cradle is the Steel Meridian base that has been placed on Ceres a while ago. It is a perfect hiding spot with a good overlook over the Ceres Mines and a small part of the city. The Steel Meridian has placed many types of machines here and ways to communicate with the main base. The Steel Meridian pays quite a lot for the mining resources and genetic samples of the grineer. You can also build specialised Grineer weaponary in this camp. The base itself look similar to the Steel Meridian relay chamber only in a cave area.


Grah 'Uhr:

Grah 'Uhr is the capital city of Ceres. Build at the start of the rise of the Grineer by General Grah Zag, the ancestoral genetic sample of Grah Zal. This city is build to house Grineer soldiers who are not yet send into combat or are training to become fit for battle. This city also houses many DNA restoration and Cloning facilities to keep creating new Grineer. The city is build just as you think the Grineer build stuff. Robust, asymmetrical, big. In the middle of the city there is a giant fortress loaded with cannons. This is were high ranking Grineer gather to talk about strategies and also were the "king" of the grineer rests.


Research and Development Facility:

The Research and Development Facility of Ceres is the biggest facility of the Grineer empire. Here research for Grineer DNA is being conducted to cancel out the deteriation effect. Another part of the facility is build for biomechanical implants and body replacements for the many Grineer soldiers. You can find many blueprints for new types of Grineer enemies which are going more to the robotic side.


Formorian Star Construction Site:

A giant hole in the ground filled with machinery and a giant Formorian vessel which is under construction. You can find a huge amount of workers here that are finishing this giant vessel to finally send the Grineer empire beyond the stars.



-= King of the Grineer =-

"All grineer are pawns in a greater game of chess, they are ment to be sacrificed for the great purpose of winning the war, but he, he is no pawn... he is the king"

The greatest general the Grineer empire had ever known and the ruler of Ceres after the great Grineer rebelion. Ghar Zal has left an everlasting mark in the morale of the Grineer. His body long gone but brain still intact, he has gained a new body made from steel. Ghar Zal was once a hard working slave, when two girls were cast down to the mines he took care of them, together with the two girls who seemed to be sisters he created a rebelion against the Orokin when the chaos of the great war started. He broke his brothers and sisters free and made sure they all were able to board the ships that were scattered around. They went to Ceres, here the first city of the Grineer was build. Ghar 'Uhr. 

The Grineer sisters wanted him to take the credit but the whole plan was their doing, he kneeled before them calling them his Queens. Eventually the other Grineer did the same and they were seen as the greatest of the Grineer empire. The Queens crowned Ghar Zal as their King, even tho they would keep the rule over the empire.

Eventually the deterioration of Ghar Zal's flesh started, he became deadly ill but the sisters didn't want to lose him. They gathered the greatest of Grineer minds to create a super powerful suit which ran on a strange Orokin relic which would keep his brain from ever deteriating. Ghar Zal would live forever, an ancient Grineer, an everlasting symbol of their might. Such a suit has never been able to be reproduced.

Ghar Zal has been in cryostasis for a long time to give his brain rest and keep all the DNA intact, but now he has been reawakened after the loss of one of the Queens. Filled with sorrow and anger, he has made it his top priority to finish the final ship of the Formorian Fleet and set sail to new frontiers for his brothers and sisters to grow beyond the stars. He has informed the last Queen to prepare herself for takeoff in a few weeks. The Steel Meridian managed to intercept this message and have asked you to put a stop to their plans and bring down this ancient terror.

Ghar Zal is a giant Grineer made mostly from steel. He has multiple tubes running through his arms and across his back, on his back you can also find multiple fuel tanks which need to be refilled often. His head looks almost like a mix of Grineer and Orokin tech, there is a lot of plating on top of his head which can be opened, perhaps this part protects his brain. Ghar Zal's prevered weapon is a giant electric battleaxe and a Grineer blaster which fires concentrated blasts of plasma which explodes on impact. 


-= New Enemiesr =-

Grineer Eradicator:

Grineer Eradicators are the new step of the Grineer elite soldiers. Following the same mechanic as Ghar Zal himself, they are basically Grineer brains placed in mechanical suits. They don't feel any pain and will keep fighting until their mechanical body breaks down and their life support ends. When a grineer brain has stopped working a new one is placed it after extensive training and recruiting. Grineer Eradicators come in 3 different versions. Standard Eradicators use a powerful gattling gun. Annihalators use the same type of battleaxe that Ghar Zal himself uses and finally the Demolisher that uses the same plasma cannon. You can defeat these enemies faster by hitting them in the back destroying their cooling system and then when the hatches open all over its body fire straight through the brain.


Grineer King's Guard:

King's Guard are heavy plated versions of the Eradicator class. Using all the similar weapons but lacking all their weaknesses, these are the superior Grineer elite. They also wear capes because capes are cool.



This post will be updated regurally with new content, stay tuned

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