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Animeted Tv Show Of "warframe"?


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Spelled "Animated" fyi :P


And if there was a show... I'd see how it went first and if enjoyable, keep watching it lol

Gotta be sure it's entertaining first off, but I'd definitely check the first episode regardless of reviews.

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I am sure any fan of Warframe would, but there is not much to do a show on. Tenno don't even talk!

That's part of the appeal of Tenno.


A well directed storyboard would not need them to talk.


Body language and gestures are good enough for communication.


If anything, I'd like to see more normal human beings in this grimdark galaxy.


Must suck to be a normal person in the xxth millenium.

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On 2013-08-12 at 9:55 AM, KhelG said:

Tenno don't even talk!

Tenno talk in only obvious facts... like Corpus having robotics. Until you use Options to shut them up.

EDIT: Wait, how is a 7 year old thread not archived and locked?

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22 minutes ago, KnossosTNC said:

Supposedly there's a way to search for players? If so, I never found one.

/profile username in chat will bring up their profile. That's the only thing I know of. 

13 hours ago, (XB1)TyeGoo said:

I actually have questions.. like, is op still playing the game? Does he still want a show? 🤔

They are MR9 and have <300 hours played in 7+ years. Pretty sure they aren't playing anymore. 

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