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At the current way the game handles, the gameplay is too linear for its own good, the power creep is blatantly obvious, multiple mechanics require overhauls, and the lack or difference is just downright boring. 
Different subjects and my thoughts on the matter
If anyone can say without a doubt that armor scaling in this game is not broken then they have no judgemental skills. When you consider that past level 69 one the most common type of enemy stops taking damage from all but 2 sources/mods and their health/shields also increase. It should be relatively obvious that this needs fixed. Because of armor scaling it leads to.....
When you create a game based solely around statistical values with ways to freely adjust most of these values balance problems are sure to arise. If you do not carefully adjust the values so that each weapon offers a different style of play or statistical adjustments to make certain areas stronger but others weaker then balance problems are free to run rampant. One of the best examples of this are the "Kunai" family of weapons when compared to the "Lato" or "Bronco" family. They have better fire rate, damage, and the insane reload speed more than makes up for the clip. This is a horrible design model. Also, contrary to somes belief armor scaling is not the end all be all of the power creep issue, take for instance... the vasto or lex when compared to the... well, any other GUN. They are statistically better and will always outperform no matter the circumstances, and don't require a higher skill to use.
I think that using the level approach as the scaling for warframe difficulty is not the best idea. This is artificial difficulty without a increasingly smarter AI to go with it. My suggestion is that as the mission difficulty goes up more enemy types and squads of enemies appear. They use actual tactics and varying ways of combat to counter the tenno assault. Really the general idea is more types of enemies and things to fight against, increasingly difficult AI, and AI communication. 
More Variety & Types > Difficulty Scaling
Make more, make variables to them. More parkour oriented and routes for stealth. 
More Variety > Reskins
What you are doing with vor and krill are good starts. 
More Variety > Bullet Sponges.
Currently pretty useless, I would like to see tiles remade with more parkour involved. Maybe a boss based around parkour, or different types of obstacle courses.
Need more, need faster.
Frame Balance:
Please for gods sake bump up the older frames to be on par with Nova and Vauban. It feels like all but 2 or 3 frames are outclassed SOOOO hard by those two, its insane.
More Balance > Nerfs
Mod System:
Please make fusion based on doubling or tripling instead of squaring :/
Anything > Squaring
My god, is it just me or can I not find and "x" and "y" is just popping up all over the place. Please continue to try to adjust the loot tables, it shows you care about your players.
Please, this game NEEDS more variety in just about EVERYTHING. I don't want weapons to be introduced and judged based on statistical values, I want them to be judged on totally different properties. Take for instance, the Miter vs. Braton. Or the Glaive vs. Skana.
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Thank you for taking the time to put together this great list of ideas. What's funny to me is the players have way better ideas for this game then the people who make it. Every time I read ideas they sounds amazing and would change the game completely. I have posted so many great ideas and have seen so many great ideas. They read all of this stuff so I'm having a hard time figuring out why they are not making improvements. They have no problems giving us new weapon after new weapon after new weapon but they are not improving. I just don't understand it for the life of me. Hopefully they get their act together before players move on. 



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ARMOR (scaling): I agree with you that endgame armor renders the majority of weapons useless, and should be adjusted.  However DE has stated that it's working as intended, but they said they may re-examine it.  


POWER CREEP: I think you are confusing this with balance/scaling.  Power creep is when a new content is introduced which is directly superior to existing content, examples would be Focus Energy vs. Shocking Touch, and clan tech vs. market weapons.  Again I agree that certain elements need to be balanced (both in general and to account for power creep).


ENEMIES:  Higher levels already have more enemy types, how often do you see heavies on Mercury?  I'm sure as time goes on DE will introduce more enemy types and better AI (for the most part I don't think the existing AI is too bad, aside from the occasional derp running in circles).


TILES: A new tileset will be available following Arid Fear, and I'm sure we'll get even more in due time.


BOSSES: Also being reworked, as you have stated some bosses have already been updated, and DE plans to update some of the others.  Patience.


PARKOUR: There are already a few places where PK saves time, and spots where wall running is necessary.  I too would like to see more PK challenges in level design (and some of the existing spots improved), however they need to make sure that even slow frames like Rhino and Frost can complete or circumvent the obstacle without investing in speed and stamina mods.


LORE: Patience, I'd rather they hammer out the kinks in gameplay before polishing up the backstory.


FRAME BALANCE:  Agreed, many frames are simply outclassed by others.  DE already plans to work on this (and have stated they are actively working on a few frames right now).


MOD SYSTEM (fusion cost):  Personally I think this issue isn't the most pressing UI concern.  Furthermore if they reduce the fusion costs, how angry are people who already spent 500 fusion cores on Serration going to be?


FOUNDRY (drop rates):  Resource drops (and loot tables in general) are a bit wonky right now, and have been in the past.  I'm sure it will all get ironed out.


All-in-all a well though out post, however most of what you suggested is already in the works.  Keep in mind DE is a relatively small team given the scope of this game, each update can only address so many issues (and subsequently cause new issues to be addressed :P).

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