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I Did 17 Arid Fear Missions Alone.. Why Couldnt I Invite Or Be Invited, But Now It Works?


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When arid fear began, it was not possible to invite or get invited to arid fear missions, resulting in only one point per run.

So that means 300 runs in total to get 100.


When I had reached 17, I found out the goals were 1, 50 and 100.. way too much work just for these mods.

So I gave up and didn't bother.


Now I find out that it works? was this a bug? why?



And most importantly.. can I get some more arid fear points that resembles my work?
I think this is completely uncool.. I worked 5+ hours only to get 17 points and then people tell me they got 100 in 3 hours.. :/

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the Void system is really crap, not only do you need to leave a match to 'use' a key, and it's in another menu area, getting people into Void lobbies can sometimes be almost impossible.

this is the issue most people would have with this event if any.

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