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Multiple Stat Syncs.


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only checked front page for similar threads, don't shoot me.



so, i was doing a defense. after it finished (we left on w15 for a TIII Capture), stats did not sync, as i was prompted upon return to the menu. bummer. 


then, about 30 seconds later, i saw and heard my credits be increased. i also noticed i got the XP on Dera as i was relevelling it still. i also had my TIII Capture keys updated. 

so the game clearly kept trying to sync stats, and it did successfully do it eventually.


i don't count my credits(i only read it in millions and hundred thousands for that matter, haha), but i did know how many keys i had. i had a single TIII Capture key before doing that defense, after i had 4.


now, i'm not complaining, most certainly not. i'll take the free keys, haha. 



but it's obviously a bug, nonetheless. 


if i knew this would have happened i would have taken screenshots. 

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