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Drop Tables 2.0

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Warframe friends-

The crusty Titans of the old RNG have been defeated by new RNG Gods. Update 9.5 (with subsequent adjustments coming in the next hot-fix) features a completely new loot table implementation.

OLD: Per-faction massive table with hundreds of entries of varying rarities.

NEW: Per-enemy table with half a dozen entries of varying rarities.

Yes, rare Mods are still rare. Yes, we still are tuning values (it's raining Chassis blueprints)! No, farming Xini will not yield every Mod in the game anymore... you gotta mix it up.

Thanks for your patience as we tune the new system!


-Blueprint and Resource drops from bosses is out of wack.

-Some UI to learn this stuff.

-Fusion Cores rarity.

-Proper attenuation for harder enemies dropping rarer stuff.

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Interesting. Will you be considering adding Fusion Cores as separate rewards/drop as someone suggested? They're becoming just as rare as rare mods themselves.

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okay so it is per enemy. But when we farm something it still ends up by faction, no?

Like we can't really pick to farm one enemy specfically right?

We still have to kill the whole faction in the mission.

I'm not sure how this gives more direction if someone can enlighten me.

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So... Each type of enemy will drop different mods?

I guess that's nice.

Will all the Corrupted drop the same thing? Or is different for each enemy type?

Can bosses guarantee at least a uncommon, if not rare?

It's frustrating to kill Lech Kril and get a Slash Dash or something.

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