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Twin Gremlins Bug


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So I am really enjoying using the Twin Gremlins but sometimes when I empty the clip while running the reload indicator hangs and won't finish and I can't even reload manually while running at all. Pretty easy to work around but could use a fix.


Also I'm sure it's been mentioned before but the Miter's charge needs to be fix, and I'd like it if it didn't have to go through a quarter charge before actually firing with a single click of the button cause if you spam click it won't fire at all, just keep resetting the charge.


And finally is the Orthos Prime ever going to get a stat buff to make it better than the normal Orthos? As it stands right now it's essentially just an Orthos skin that requires Void runs to acquire but uses its own formas etc to gear up. Even the Brokk and Manticore at least modify the original weapon in some way. I really like how slick the Orthos Prime looks but I'm disappointed at the fact that it's not very 'Prime.'

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