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[Request] Please Add A "connection Lost" In Solo Missions


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When you are playing with friends i think is pretty clear when you are not connected anymore, your friends are no longer there with you, or the game puts a "host migration in process" and then you have to try again.

But when you're soloing and you are not connected anymore, the game continues as if nothing wrong, only telling you when you finish the mission and want to use your new super cool mod that you just got while soloing. That can be frustrating. Right now you have the clan chat while you solo, but i think that a "You have lost connection, your game will not save if you do not restore it" will be a better way of knowing this.

A funcionality that i wish were not lost if this is implemented, is the chance that i have now to pause my game, check and restore my connection, and continue playing, PLEASE don't auto logg me out if i'm solo and disconnected.

Pd.: English is not my first language so please complimentme on how great i write despite that fact, i mean, forgive any spelling mistakes.

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Looks like you took the effort to write in English Text instead of writing in your language and translating it over :P

That's what I assume most Native people do if they don't know much of the spellings since there are a lot of ways you can possibly get it wrong lol.


On a more serious note... a temporary save file for when you're disconnected from the game [iE: You lose connection online and lose progress for the game you played]... once you reconnect to the online (Without doing another game of course, save files won't be that big) it records your mods into the online profile so that incidents like that won't occur so frequently.


However, if the file is tampered with (Someone tries to change the coding so they would probably get something they didn't) it would tally a mark of warnings that they tried to corrupt the file and if that hits 3, their account gets forcibly reset. If the data itself gets corrupted and you lose the file, the game would just notify you normally.

If the person got a Warning for something they didn't do, they could possibly take a note over to the Support Site and notify them of the issue to avoid getting closer to a accidental [innocent] reset.



Saying this would be a nice thing to add... Suggestion wise. Not saying it's in the game [Forgot to mention that till now lol]

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