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Hotfix 9.5.2


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Hotfix 9.5.2


- Fixed UI becoming non-functional when attempting to view Solar Landmark.

- Fixed inability to reload Twin Gremlins while sprinting.

- Fixed boss drop tables. A blueprint will no longer drop 100% of the time being a “Chassis”. Every Blueprint has a chance to drop, but you may not get a blueprint every time.

Please see DE_Steve’s post regarding Drop Tables 2.0, issues we are working on, and how Fusion Cores and Mods fit into this. https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/94177-drop-tables-20/

- Fixed issues with the Transmutation feature. Users were unable to see or use mods resulting from Transmutation. Inventories also became unstable if a Transmuted mod resided within.  A script will be run to correct the inventories of players who had been affected.

- Fixed Ogris charge sound effect playing randomly when it wasn't being charged.

- Fixed being able to parry while ziplining.

- Fixed appearance of Ether weapons. Our weapons manufacturer apologizes for the defective translucency in the 9.5 model.

- Fixed rare loss of functionality that could occur when leaving/being disconnected from a session while in the main menu.

- Buffs to Orthos Prime, Slightly faster, bit higher base damage. Longer reach.

- Fixes for gameplay crashes.

- Fixed custom colours not applying to Miter saw blades or boomerang.

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