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Optional Warfame Stances


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So basically I was talking with some guys in Council chat, and many of us want Ash's stance back.  But I'm sure there are also plenty of people who like Ash's new stance better.  And maybe there are some that just like the default old stance as well!  So what do we do about this?


Optional stances, people.  Give the player the ability to customize animations for his warframe, since it is HIS warframe.  This adds new customization options (obviously) and keeps people with differing tastes happy.


And if any "fixed" warframe stances come out, we should have the ability to change back to the original warframe-specific stance as well, just in case anyone likes those.  I mean, why not keep these things as options since the DE animating team has probably put so much work into them, right?


Add your thoughts below or just leave a +1 if you like the idea!

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Few other topic i wrote the same idea that we need a function to choose what stance do we want. Minor addition that would be cool if the guys make 3-5 different type to each frame and we can choose from those what we want. I have a Loki and now with this stance he looks like rikimaru from dota2 only 2 fang need to his hands and he is really him.

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