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Ghosts Of Gram - Enemies Attacking After Death


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Occasionally, Corpus crewmen killed with Gram's charge attack will continue to shoot at me AND DO DAMAGE for 10-15 seconds after their body has vanished. I've had this happen simultaneously to three crewmen killed with the same attack. This may have also occured with a Prod crewman; I could hear the swinging sound repeating but didn't take damage.

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Happened to me as well, I wasn't using Gram nor was my team-mate, but there was a corpus Crewman shooting at me. 


I was using Teamspeak at the time and apparently I was hilarious to everyone listening. My words went along the lines of "What...the... Fudgemuffins! You guys seeing the.. Um, thing with the thing... LAZERS SHOOTING ME, no-one? Someone? Um. yeah."


I wish I had taken a screenshot now, thinking about it.

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